Equine Facilitated Learning

Warrior Programme - £750 (price per level)

The Warrior Programme is run by our partners Learning to Listen.   Rebecca and Jo are both trained Equine Facilitated Coaches and co-facilitate these courses with Southern Centre leader, Jo Richardson. 

Helen gives us a quick review of her experience of the Warrior Programme's Foundation Course and how it has benefited her and her life.

The Warrior Programme is a personal development programme consisting of three levels - Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each level consists of 5 input days spread over 5 months.  The Programme is unique in the way it uses equine facilitated learning and is designed to get to the heart of what you need to work on in your life at this present time.  You may be looking to raise your confidence, speak up more, be more honest, take stock of your life, improve your relationships, work on your leadership skills or deal with conflict in a healthier and more effective way.  Whatever your reason, the Warrior Programme will help you explore where you need to achieve a breakthrough.    For more information about the programme and the dates  please click HERE.