Ultimate Dynamic Revolution - £150

A pioneering two hour treatment combining 'Dynamic Body Revolution' with 'Dynamic Life Revolution' to completely re-align and revolutionise you on all levels.

  • Have you ever wondered why you experience repeating patterns of relationships or cycles of challenges in your life?

  • Why certain people and situations come into your life at a particular time or disappear when you least expect it?

  • Have you ever considered that there may be a deeper purpose or reason to these repeating experiences?

  • How would you feel if you had the chance to understand why these were happening, what their purpose has been, and how you can break the cycle to change this moving forward?

A pioneering treatment which combines Dynamic Body Revolution with Dynamic Life Revolution to completely re-align and revolutionise you on all levels. This unprecedented wholly transformative experience motivates and develops ultimate stability in your life and body delivering to you:

Dynamic Life Revolution: Powerful insights and new perspectives around your hidden bigger picture through the magic doorway of tarot 

Dynamic Body Revolution; Powerful, deep, restorative massage to radically catalyse freedom of movement, synergy and cohesion within your entire being, therefore allowing you to take back the driving force of your life. 

This powerful combination treatment is designed to dynamically realign and revolutionise you back to yourself and true purpose, helping you to restore your natural dynamic flow. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, clear, refreshed, fully transformed inside and out.  

Benefits of an Ultimate Dynamic Revolution treatment:

What others have to say about Ultimate Dynamic Revolution:

Don’t even hesitate thinking about having a treatment with Indiana - just go for it! The results of Indiana’s work are amazing. She has this uncanny ability to detect what is actually occuring within you both mentally and physically and can reflect it back to you. You leaving feeling like every aspect of your life is coming into this perfect synch!
— Skarlet Lu Realta
I was looking for somebody to sort my back out as I had tried so many different people but nothing had worked. Indiana’s treatments stands out for me. It has been a journey of self-discovery and healing. She has gifted hands and a great understanding for life. I have the utmost gratitude completely.
— Melanie Iredale
Indiana’s tarot reading is awesome! Looks like life’s got some fabulous stuff waiting for me :) The cards also showed all the hardships and struggles of the recent years - everything that came up was true. We went pretty deep and a lot of my questions were answered; just when I needed some guidance, I got exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Indiana, I will be back for more!
— Gabriella Ignácz
I recently had a Dynamic Life Revolution with Indiana and it was nothing short of life transforming!!!! Thank you Indiana!
Indiana is truly blessed and highly intuitive - I felt so connected and uplifted following the experience. I immediately booked my next session - I will be having these monthly as I know that they will aid me in my journey to manifest what my life purpose is - THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can’t recommend Haelan Therapy enough. 5*****s
— Sarah Louise Doherty