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Are you unsure which treatment to have? Do you want to take time out but are not sure how or where to go? Are you in a place where you feel like you can't move forward? Would you like to know how our treatments can help?

Energy HealingTherapy

Energy Healing Therapy

Are you interested in crystals and energy healing such as Reiki? Do you find it hard to speak your truth? Are you in need of some time out just for you? Do you have a busy mind? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed?


Facial Therapy

Is your skin feeling bloated and out of sorts? Are you noticing those tell-tale facial lines and furrows? Do you feel out of balance? Do you wish for your face to be revitalised and restored?

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy & Reflexology

Does your body feel like it is holding on to something that you just can't shake or release? Are you in a place where you can't move forward? Do you feel uptight and tense? Do you feel out of alignment both mentally and physically?


Guidance Card Reading

Are you looking for direction in your life? Do you find yourself wondering 'what if?' Would you like to seek clarity about a certain situation or issue in your life?

Transformational Therapy

Transformation Coaching

Do you have too many ideas in your head and are worried about what the next best step is? Are you stuck and unsure which direction to take? Does it feel like everyone else is moving forward except you?

Customer Loyalty

Receive the benefit of a therapeutic treatment on a regular basis at a reduced cost.  Our Priority Client Scheme enables you to put your wellbeing first and plan your life around your treatments. 

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Once an online,  written or verbal booking has been accepted you will enter into an agreement to have a treatment based on our terms and conditions.  Find out more here.

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