Transformation Days

"Arriving at the Learning to Listen Centre at East Hall Farmhouse, St Paul’s Walden is always a calming experience; one which gives you the opportunity to close your eyes, take a long deep breath and know that you have arrived in a place where you can be your true self"

In partnership with the Penny Tree Centre and Myogi Yoga, we are proud to offer a series of Transformation Days designed and targeted to deliver you powerful transformation in very specific areas of your life.

Each Transformation Day combines yoga, meditation, holistic therapies and equine facilitated coaching for a targeted, themed purpose which collectively create an entire journey for you - from breaking through your barriers through to fully unleashing your potential. By accessing each day separately or as a package of 4, you will be given the opportunity to explore and empower your internal and external worlds whilst connecting with nature in an idyllic setting. 

 Our Transformation Days will help you identify and transform every aspect of yourself to fully facilitate your understanding and embracing of the next phase of your life plan and purpose.

 “Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential” Peace Pilgrim

Creating a sense of kinship with a fireside ritual and reiki drumming. 

Since experiencing the fear, the challenge and the excitement of breaking through my own barriers and reaching my unlimited potential, I have a deep desire to help others achieve the same. At various points in my recent life I have accessed all the modalities found on our Transformation Days to achieve my own personal and professional success and this is how I know our guests will experience the same, if not more powerful, transformations that I have experienced myself.
— Rebecca Kelly, Founder of Haelan Therapy

The Scope of a Transformation Day

A Transformation Day provides you with the opportunity to take their space to fully immerse yourself and connect with your true self.

The day will begin with an intention setting session where you will have the opportunity to go within and discover what you would like to achieve from your time with us.  These intentions may include exploring what is holding you back, healing the deep depths of your being, opening yourslef up to your core identity or a wish to generate positive action and move forward in your life. 

Once you have explored this and are set with a personal goal, the day will then continue with a mix of small group or 1-2-1 sessions in yoga, holistic treatments such as massage and reflexology and equine therapy.  Depending on the theme of the day, sessions may also include meditation, nutrition, fireside rituals and / or sound baths.   Lunch and refreshments will also be provided by Hitchin’s local vegan café Chai Naturally Healthy.

The Elements of a Transformation Day

The Haelan Transformation Method

The Haelan Transformation Method is a unique and pioneering formula which takes a holistic approach to health and wellness by combining touch and talk therapy to create powerful shifts at an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. 


Our yoga sessions are faciliated by Tracey Martin of Myogi Yoga. Yoga increases health and wellbeing, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and socially.  By regularly practicing a range of physical postures, breath awareness, concentration, self-enquiry and meditation we learn to create a union between the body, breath and mind, creating peace and clarity within, and a greater understanding of how to live in harmony with our environment.

Equine Facilitated Coaching

Our Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions are facilitated by Learning to Listen. Equine Facilitated Coaching is becoming far more recognised and accepted in the world of highly effective psychological interventions and therapies. Our coaches have undergone rigorous training and experienced their own transformational journeys, during which they will have attained both accredited coaching qualifications and also learnt our unique approach in partnering with the horse in the context of a coaching relationship. The Equine work is both powerful and transformational. By bringing a highly sensory animal into the dynamic, the coach and the client have an opportunity to see the coaching process both magnify and accelerate, which in turn, creates quite incredible moments of new awareness for our clients. The horse comes into the relationship with no preconceived ideas or judgements. They are masters of reading energy and the reflections they offer back to us are completely without agenda. It is this that makes them such valued and powerful partners, their natural ability to connect and be totally in the present is a beautiful thing to engage with and it never fails to amaze us how this then supports our clients in their ability to unearth their deepest truths and gain maximum impact from the coaching sessions.


For those travelling from a far we can recommend a variety of accommodation in the local area to suit all budgets.  Please let us know when booking if you would like to receive details.

Payment Plans

Would you like to spread the cost of the payment of your retreat?  We offer a payment plan to suit your budget.  Please enquire at the time of making your booking.

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