The Book of Energy Healing

Including  a chapter by guest author Johanna Osborn from Haelan Therapy is now available to purchase on AMAZON

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The Book of Energy Healing, which is sponsored by The Energy Healing Magazine, has been written with the specific purpose of changing your life. Over the following chapters a number of writers, including Haelan's very own Therapist, Johanna Osborn,  provide valuable insights that will help you learn how to lead a self-determined life through mastering the power of energy healing. By reading this book and learning from the collective wisdom of our writers, you will embark on a journey of self-healing free from chemicals and artificial drugs. The Book of Energy Healing is edited by My Entrepreneur Magazine publisher Kizzi Nkwocha.  

The Book of Energy Healing can be purchased on Amazon HERE.  To find out more about Jo, her journey to write the book and the treatments she provides, please click HERE.