Success Stories

“I knew that Biomagnetic Neuropyschology would be effective but I was surprised at how quickly it worked!

I came to Haelan Therapy because there were still aspects of my life that were holding me back. Within only two sessions I was viewing aspects of my life in a completely different way and had a different perspective on my life and relationships. I felt such a sense of freedom. I would recommend a Neuro session with Philip to anyone!”

 Amy Huggins

"Indiana’s treatments are a journey of self-discover and healing…

I was looking for somebody to sort my back out as I had tried so many different people but nothing had worked. Indiana’s treatments are stand out for me. It has been a journey of self-discovery and healing. She has gifted hands and a great understanding for life. I have the utmost gratitude completely.”

 Melanie Iredale

"After each session I have a great sense of clarity.  It gives me things to think about and put into practice in between each session...

For a while I had been feeling a little stuck with personal direction,  a little clouded with my thinking and struggling with my self esteem too.  It's so easy these days to "put on a brave face"  and "battle on through with a smile"  but we rarely allow ourselves to look beyond our physical body and listen into our deeper, energy layers.  Having the time to dig into how we are truly and honestly feeling, is so precious. The emotions and energies that Jo has picked up on have been in total alignment with situations and emotional happenings going on in my day to day life.  After each session, I have had a greater sense of clarity, of self compassion and assurance in my life's direction.  Also giving me things to think about and put into practice between each session. 

Over the past few months of seeing Jo, I have come into a new, fulfilling relationship,  I have had considerably less trouble with eating disorder struggles, I have had greater confidence in my businesses, and therefore seeing financial benefit too. Energy healing sessions are something everyone absolutely needs to experience. I am so grateful. "

— Pip Johnson

"My first session was out of this world and I had the most mind blowing experience...

I was referred to Jo after suffering from anxiety and bereavement and felt extremely trapped in myself. I knew I needed to release this but just felt like I had nowhere to turn.   My first session was out of this world and I had the most mind blowing experience. As soon as I stepped through the door I knew I was in the right place. Jo has helped me no end and I have referred so many people due to the trust I have in her and her magical powers!!!. Thank you so much Jo."

Louise Collins

"I was sceptical but I gave it a go.  To anyone out there who feels sceptical about Reiki and is not quite sure, just like I was.  Don't be...

I first met Jo nearly a year ago when I was going through a difficult time.  Jo asked if I'd like to have a go at experiencing Reiki Therapy and I must admit I was sceptical but gave it a go. Jo has always made me feel that I was in a comfortable, calming and trusting environment where I could relax. Through Reiki I started feeling the benefits; mentally, emotionally and physically.  At present I feel centred, calm and at peace, which has only been possible through the sheer knowledge Jo has in Reiki and Energy Therapy. If there is anyone out there who feels sceptical and is not quite sure, just like me at the beginning, don't be.  Book yourself in for a treatment and experience the fantastic benefits it will bring.  I myself will remain firmly on 'the couch' whilst I continue my journey with Haelan Therapy and Learning to Listen.  A big thank you goes out to Jo and Haelan Therapy for letting me experience the benefits of Reiki whilst being in the company of some truly inspirational people xx"

Susanne Giddings

"I was stuck and unsure of where my path was going...

I found the Create Your Best Year Workshop sessions to be really useful. They have been a safe space to air my concerns and worries and I have gained lots of tools that can help me in my life going forward. Jo  and Rebecca are very insightful, supportive and knowledgeable in their field - they are intuitive and very good guides."

— Emma Peters

"I went in with a man riddled with pain and came home with a new husband...

Karenanne had the pleasure to treat my husband. He has advanced cancer and felt he needed more than just a massage.   On recommendation he came to Haelan and had a combination of Reiki and Holistic Massage. I was allowed to sit in and enjoy the lovely relaxing experience. I went in with a man who was riddled with pain and worries and I seriously came home with a new husband. He felt great and shared his experience of total lightness and letting go.  And has slept so well too.  Day two and we have been out of the house again. I myself as gift from hubby am having a massage with Karenanne very soon. Thank you so much. W as awesome to watch you work. I understand so much more. I felt it. It was simply wonderful."

— Patricia Minter

"To take some precious time to recoup, to heal, and to just be.  I don't think I could recommend a more perfect space or people to create just that....

An experience at Haelan Therapy is second to none."

—  Joanne Richardson

"Transformational Coaching has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life...

I came to Haelan Therapy weighed down with frustration and anxiety about my career, not really understanding why.  Within three sessions, we’d explored aspects of my past and personality that I never realised had such an impact on the way I approach things.  There was genuinely that eureka moment when I realised how everything fitted together, and since then I’ve completely changed my outlook.  I now feel excited about grabbing life with both hands, rather than worrying and obsessing about my place in the world.  My colleagues and family have both noticed a huge change in me, and my work and relationships have improved massively as a result.  Having spent years feeling daunted about life, there is nothing more exhilarating than waking up each day feeling positive and excited instead."

— Anonymous

"I came out with a practical, thoughtful plan on how to move forward and I'm already reaping the benefits of it now just a few weeks later...

I started Equine Facilitated Coaching with Rebecca because I was at a crossroads in my career and needed some direction. I didn't fully realise how powerful my first session would be until the horse, beautiful Bow, started actually mirroring how I was feeling in her behaviour, which helped hold up a mirror to my own self-limiting beliefs. With that new insight Rebecca guided me through an amazing journey and in three sessions I came out with a practical, thoughtful plan on how to move forward, and I'm already reaping the benefits of it now just a few weeks later. It's also funny to think I was scared of horses: Bow seemed enormous and imposing when I first met her, but at the end of the session she seemed smaller and even nurturing, as she gently nudged my arm with her nose affectionately. Thanks Bow but thanks Rebecca for enlightening me and bringing a positive new force to my career."

— Zoe Folbigg

"The Priority Client scheme means that I don't even have to think about setting aside time for myself...

It's just there, every month...and that hour at Haelan is something I know I can look forward to.  Looking after myself if something I find really easy to let slide, so the commitment to coming to Haelan once a month is a promise to myself that I won't let that happen.  It makes all the difference."

— Pippa Chappell

"I wanted to invest time in myself and take a holistic approach rather than totally relying on medication...  

I came to Haelan Therapy living with chronic asthma and sinusitis.  Although I had some resistance in the beginning I could see how, in the long term,  a combination of Transformational Coaching, Massage and Reflexology was positively affecting my health and wellbeing.  I am no longer reliant on medication and have altered my asthma medication programme significantly."

— Danni Weetman 

"Maintaining suppleness, muscular health and mental wellbeing are vital for my training.  My regular massage sessions have been invaluable...

I’ve experienced huge benefit from regular massage treatments with Rebecca during my training program, not only from a physical perspective, but also from a restorative standpoint. Year-round training is hard work, often repetitive with serious mental motivation required to get out of bed on a cold winter’s morning.  Maintaining suppleness, muscular health and mental wellbeing are vital and the regular sessions with Rebecca along with being a member of the Haelan Priority Client Scheme have been invaluable in sustaining that equilibrium.”  

— James Carlyle

"You will be greeted with an open heart and offered the space to relax, heal and transform...

Receiving a treatment from the team at Haelan Therapy is no ordinary experience.  They are highly skilled, intuitive therapists capable of providing shifts at both an emotional and physical level. You will be greeted with an open heart and offered the space to relax, heal and transform.  A truly wonderful gift - thank you ladies.”

— Sarah Readings

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