Sound Massage Therapy - £55

A sound-induced deep relaxation therapy where vibration awakens the body’s natural healing ability

Sound Massage Therapy at Haelan Therapy, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Sound Massage Therapy at Haelan Therapy, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

  • Are you feeling out of sorts or not quite right?

  • Do you feel out of balance or disconnected?

  • Are you experiencing spells of low energy?

  • Are you having trouble sleeping or feeling stressed?

A Sound Massage treatment at Haelan Therapy in Hitchin, Hertfordshire uses varying sizes and tones of Tibetan singing bowls placed on specific parts of your body and played in varying strengths. The gentle vibrations penetrate deeply into your cells, tissue and bones, and calls attention to any imbalances within your mind, body and soul. This is where your body’s natural healing pinpoints and clears away any blockages leaving you feeling balanced and whole again.

Sound Massage Therapy (also known as Sound Touch Therapy) works on the theory that sound and vibration not only effects our mood, but can release stored negative energies, emotions and pain from our bodies too. Sound Massage Therapy has been used as a valid healing method for over 5000 years in eastern traditions. The primordial sound induces a deep relaxation for the mind and the vibration awakens the body’s natural healing ability, bringing attention to areas of stress, pain or stored negativity and allowing the body to naturally clear these and promote wellness. If you are coming for a specific issue, we may concentrate a little more on that area but it will always be gentle, soothing and relaxing.

 Your treatment will include an in- depth consultation that will give you the opportunity to consider where you are now and where you want to be after the treatment.  Your Therapist will work with you to tailor your treatment entirely to your needs to ensure that you leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and whole again.   The therapy is usually an hour long. You will remain fully clothed as the bowls are gently played and moved around your body from your feet to your heart centre.

There are many applications for this therapy, both physical and emotional, including:

Insomnia, pain management, sciatica, trapped nerves, tension, migraine, menstrual cramps, stress management, kidney stones, muscle strain, impotence and many more.

Benefits of a Sound Massage Therapy:

  • Treats you as a whole mind, body and soul

  • Promotes relaxation for mind and body

  • Boosts your natural healing and immunity

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Releases stored emotions and heals related conditions

  • Leaves you feeling energised

What do others have to say about Sound Massage Therapy?

I’ve found the perfect escape to rebalance my body, mind and soul after the past year and the toll chemo and radiotherapy have taken. Nat was very welcoming and immediately made me feel at ease. You know you’ve made the right choice when you leave feeling like a Phoenix... I’ve risen from the ashes and am welcoming this new phase of contentment and peace. Thank you so much x
— Anon. Hitchin
Thank you for the sound healing for my sciatic problems. Against my belief I was able to put on my own socks in the morning and I hadn’t slept that well in ages! I’ll definitely be back again soon.
— Anon. Hitchin