Reiki Healing- £50

Activate your natural healing process through a system of guided life-force energy

  • Do you have a busy mind?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

  • Do you feel you just need some space in your life but don’t know how to find it?

Reiki Healing at Haelan Therapy in Hitchin is a Japanese form of Energy Healing, founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th Century and has evolved over this time.  It shares the same principles as crystal therapy, colour therapy and acupuncture and many other methods of Energy Healing.  Reiki works to balance the natural energy within our bodies.  When we are feeling run down, stressed or out of balance our energy can become blocked, weakened and out of balance causing physical, mental and emotional dis-ease of the body.   Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive healing technique which uses life-force energy to treat conditions without pressure, manipulation or massage.  It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of a person.   Our emotions and unconscious mind can often trigger conditions and dis-ease of the body.  Reiki helps to bring the body back into balance and to activate the process of healing your body.  It removes energy blockages, supports the immune system and increases vitality. 

How does the treatment work?

During your treatment your will remain fully clothed and your Therapist will work intuitively around your body. They may lay their hands on certain areas in a series of non-intrusive positions where they feel a blockage or imbalance or work ‘hands off’ by hovering them a few inches above your body.   They are simply a conduit between you and the life force energy (also known as qi, prana or Vijñāna); they are simply plugging into the energy and channeling it through their hands to your energy field.  We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things, including ourselves.  When this energy flows uninterrupted there is a balance and harmony within us and around us and we experience a great sense of wellbeing. 

The idea of Reiki healing may sound far-fetched, but if you are open and willing to explore the world of energy healing you will be enjoy a relaxing and calming treatment that can facilitate great change in your life.  Your session will be entirely tailored to your needs. 

Benefits of Reiki Healing: 

  • Brings inner peace, comfort, acceptance and harmony

  • Promotes the reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Enables you to reconnect with yourself; both physically and emotionally

  • Offers relief during emotional distress and sorrow

  • On the physical level Reiki can help with so many symptoms and dis-ease of the body that it would be impossible to capture them all here. But to list a few we can include migraines, arthritis, sciatica, chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, menopausal symptoms and insomnia

  • During pregnancy, Reiki is a wonderful opportunity to connect with yourself and your baby

What do others have to say about Reiki Healing? 

This was the first time I had received Reiki and I cannot say I was disappointed. The energy force I felt was amazing and it was lovely to have an explanation of what the therapist was feeling and why. Today (the day after my treatment) I feel amazing and feel like I am ready to tackle the world head on! That’s just after one treatment imagine how I will feel after more sessions, thank you xx
— Suzie Rahman, Hitchin
Karenanne had the pleasure to treat my husband. He has advanced cancer and felt he needed more than a massage. So he had Reiki. I was allowed to sit in and enjoy the lovely relaxing experience. I went in with a man who was riddled with pain and worries. I seriously came home with my new husband. He felt great and shared his experience of total lightness and letting go. And has slept so well. Day two and we have been out of the house again. I myself as gift from hubby am having a massage with karenanne very soon. Thank you so much. Was awesome to watch you work. I understand so much more. I felt it. Wonderful.
— Patricia Minter, HItchin
My baby girl made an appearance on 15th December. It was a beautiful calm water birth and went better than I could have ever imagined. I was actually able to enjoy it! She came out a super chilled and happy and has been ever since I feel so incredibly lucky she is such a beautiful little soul. I am sure all the Reiki (and Reflexology) has played a part in this. Thank you Karenanne, I can’t wait to get booked in with you again!
— Emily, Hitchin