Reiki Courses

  • Are you  curious about improving your relationship with yourself and others on a personal or professional level?

  • Are you recognising a need to make a change within yourself but are unsure how to?

  • Do you wish to live a more present and conscious life but don’t know how to make this transition?

  • Are you interested in an ancient healing arts practice to enhance your personal and professional life?

  • Do you wish to connect unconditionally with someone you are providing a service to? Perhaps you work with animals, are a holistic therapist or a yoga teacher?

If you answered YES to any of our questions, then your adventure starts here…

Reiki Courses at Haelan Therapy, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Reiki Courses at Haelan Therapy, Hitchin, Hertfordshire


Reiki Courses at Haelan Therapy, Hitchin are tailored entirely to your needs. Reiki can be used on both a personal and professional level and is available to anyone who is curious about improving their relationship with themselves and those around them. In any kind of service Reiki can support the shifts away from being task focused and constantly within the realms of our head to being totally present and engaging without losing sight of your goals.  Reiki is an ancient healing art which can enable you to explore who you are, why you are, what you are and what you’d like to be.  Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey Reiki can enable you to take the first step, enhance your current practice or reignite a long lost passion.

Traditionally Reiki follows a step-by-step process passing through the First and Second Degrees, then the Master Practitioner & Teacher level. You are free to progress from one Degree to the next if you enjoy Reiki and experience inner personal growth.

Reiki Level 1 Course

Reiki Level 1 or First Degree is a one-day course. This is an introduction to Reiki, the history of Reiki and how you can use Reiki as a every day tool to enhance your energy and bring unity and flow of being to your moment to moment existence. This day will open you up to Reiki energy and give you practical methods of meditation, energy cultivating exercises and mindfulness to support you with your spiritual development.

As this pathway is established, you will be able to connect with this unlimited source of energy for personal growth and personal development. 

You will also:

  • Learn the ability to heal your physical self, emotional self, mental self and increase the utilisation of your energetic self in a way that enhances and heals.  This can also be shared with your friends and family and all that is within the cosmos. 

Reiki Level 2 Course

Reiki Level 2 or Second Degree is a one-day course. At second degree level professional development can be taken a step further and you are able to obtain insurance to include Reiki within any professional practice of your choice. As a leader within a team, Reiki develops our abilities to see panoramically so that we can lead with insight, creativity and inspiration.  It is also very beneficial for your ongoing personal development too, especially the growth of your compassion, intuition, creativity and unconditional insight and regard for yourself; building the foundations to always look at yourself with fresh eyes.

Reiki 2 further strengthens the flow of Reiki and the beautiful new tools you will embody.

You will also:

  • Be introduced to the Reiki Kotodama

  • Learn the use of intention (Reiju Ho) and distant healing

  • Understand how to use intuition within your practice

Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher Course

Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher will explore the clarity of your knowledge and your spiritual and energetic development as a Reiki practitioner.  You will deepen your healing and enjoy meditations that support the release of karma and deep seated issues on a cellular level with the use of symbols and kotodama (sacred sound), Reiki drumming and Tibetan singing bowls.  You will use your vibrational influence and capabilities for healing and transformation, and look at how they can be used in your Reiki practice with others.

You will also:

  • Be attuned to Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher.

  • Practice the use of crystal grids and Antahkarana symbols with regards to self-healing and your practice.

  • Practice aura clearing and psychic surgery as a tool to facilitate the healing of your physical, emotional and mental health.

  • Learn how to carry out a western attunement and Reiju empowerment.

Our Reiki courses take place at Haelan Therapy in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. We invite you to step through the door of awakening to Reiki and to raise your vital life energy with Karenanne Hay, Healing Arts Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.     Karenanne’s approach to training is entirely tailored to your needs and follows a bespoke framework. To find out more about Reiki at Haelan book in for a complimentary consultation with Karenanne where you can discuss what you would like to achieve. Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch to book your session.

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Karenanne Hay, Reiki Master Teacher

Karenanne Hay, Reiki Master Teacher

What do others have to say about our Reiki Courses at Haelan?

I have completed all levels of Reiki at Haelan. Karenanne teaches the original and purest form of Reiki and my time at Haelan gave me complete immersion into this healing art and not just the qualification. My experience is exactly how I wished to study. It was such a personal experience and I would thoroughly recommend anyone learning this way.
— Philip Storey, Hitchin
The course was very experiential and I came away feeling that I had got so much more than a certification in Reiki 2. Karenanne shared her wealth of experience and knowledge with the class and openly demonstrated a variety of techniques. She helped us to see how our Reiki can directly influence our personal situations and help with making potentially difficult decisions.
— Sarah Tomlin, Hitchin