Welcome to Haelan Therapy's Priority Client Scheme

Thank you for signing up to a regular Direct Debit with us.  This is the first step on the journey of taking time for yourself every month.  We believe that taking a minimum of one hour a month to receive healing touch will enable you to be the best you need to be not only for yourself, but for everyone in your life too. 

What happens now?

  • A Direct Debit will be taken from your account on the 1st of every month. 
  • The reference will show as HaelanLtd on your statement. 
  • Your therapist will ensure that your treatments are booked up to three months in advance so that you can plan your life around your treatment. 

Terms & Conditions

By signing  our terms and conditions with your therapist, you are agreeing:

  • To set up a Direct Debit with Haelan Therapy via GoCardless.com
  • To take a monthly session
  • That the session will be taken within the calendar month and cannot be rolled over to the next month.
  • That you will give a minimum of 24 hours notice from the start of your appointment time if you wish to charge or cancel your appointment time or date (for example due to illness, weather disruption, childcare issues etc).
  • Failure to give 24 hours notice (from the start of your appointment time) means you will voluntarily forfeit that treatment.
  • Arrive on time for your booked session.

By accepting your Direct Debit form, your therapists agrees to:

  • Provide the number of sessions per calendar month
  • If your therapist should have to cancel your treatment session with less than 24 hours notice or they are unable to fulfil your session during the calendar month, they will exchange the session for a voucher to the session amount.

Other points to note:

  • Your Priority Client Scheme sessions are for you and are not transferable.
  • Your Priority Client Scheme sessions are for the specific treatment you have agreed with your therapist only and are not transferable.
  • Changes to appointment times are subject to therapist availability.
  • As a Priority Client you can book your time slot up to 3 months in advance to ensure your preferred time and date (where possible). 
  • As a Priority Client you can take as many extra sessions of the same treatment as you wish for the same price as your Priority Client treatment paid in cash or by card.
  • As a Priority Client you can take additional sessions of a different treatment at the Priority Client price relative to that treatment.  Additional sessions are to be paid in cash or by card.
  • We require one calendar months notice to cancel your Direct Debit.
  • Your sessions with Haelan Therapy may at times address specific personal issues, challenges or general conditions in your life or profession.  All information provided will be kept strictly confidential with the exception of any information which, if withheld, may result in danger to your or others.