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The Haelan Therapy, Learning to Listen and Myogi Team

The Haelan Therapy, Learning to Listen and Myogi Team


Teresa's story...

I want to say a massive thank you to all the team at Haelan Therapy, Learning to Listen and Myogi Yoga who put together the most amazing retreat experience yesterday in Hitchin.

It's a massive credit to you all how you offer and input your own authenticly unique skills and creative healing ideas to the retreat programme which compliment each other so efficiently.   It provided such an intimate personalised environment which offered so much love and support to my day and the one to one sessions I had.

Everything from the most incredible massage by Karenanne ....to the homemade lunch...copious amounts of herbal teas and the energy balls and ginger biscuits Sarah had made, showed just how much love, care and attention everyone had put in to making the day the experience it was.

The native American releasing and cleansing fire pit ceremony with the drum and flute was fabulous ....and I finally got to bang one of them drums lol 😁👌

Loved my one to one yoga session with Tracey....which was so cosey, relaxing and comfortable. Tracey again like you all, provided a safe loving and supportive environment which worked through a number of poses and stretches which Ironed me out and her end of day session under the cosy blankets and heater left me feeling tranquil and grounded 😊💖

I've been clearing some stuck energy recently which has been proving quite difficult for me....and has unexpectedly brought some old patterns to the conscious that I thought had been dealt with ...following a 'trigger' these patterns came up again and created a blockage in my head space and although I've been doing the usual self healing with reiki /crystals meditation etc I've really struggled to shift this and get it moving again through my system which has made me feel ill with sinus and headache problems.

However yesterday I had a profound experience and learnt so much from Jo using the equine facilitated healing/learning technique which was a catalyst for me to be able to find the words to verbalise what has been going on internally. 
At first I was shocked as when Jo asked me questions about my feelings and current emotional space I couldn't find any words and was really struggling and stumbling my speech. In such a short space of time with Jos compassionate and supportive help and questionning and the healing of Boo a beautiful pony with the softest coat in the world....I was able to tease out the emotions that needed healing and find the words to verbalise them which for me personally using a physical therapy like this rather than my usual reiki / crystal / meditation etc amazed me. By using this equine style therapy I was able to make conscious the connection between my emotions and the physical reaction of Boo when I started to discuss certain feelings I had internally. Jo assisted with translating Boos behaviour and how my emotions and me talking about this affected how she reacted to me and how this translated back to my physical world.

I was so impressed with this I've decided to sign up to Learning to Listen's Warrior Programme and can't wait to get started 💖💖💖

I've included the second picture below to show the card I pulled during lunch ....this basically sums up all of the team involved in delivering this day and the way you all made me feel.


One of my many reflections from the day is a phrase Jo faciltated me in finding within myself during our one to one with Boo. This being;

"It's ok to choose me"

It's something so simple yet it's a few chosen words which have brought up so many internal emotions for me that I will now be stabalising over the coming few weeks now the last bit of stagnated energy has shifted, whilst taking forward my experiences and reflections from my day on the retreat.

The whole retreat from start to finish which even though had some structure was not regimented and flowed beautifully between one to one sessions, comfort and reflective breaks and group sessions like the fire pit, created the perfect retreat experience.

For me it's the "little things" that are important that make experiences like this what they are.  From the mini added reiki healing on my dodgy knee during my massage, the unlimited supply of herbal teas / coconut water and lovingly homemade energy balls and treats...the aromatic oil smells and blankets during yoga and the added bonus of the fire pit made this day which went above and beyond my expectations and provided a very special unique retreat experience full of genuine support and love and one that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take a day out to invest in themselves.

THANK YOU to you all 💖💖💖