Equine Facilitated Coaching - £150

Using the intuitive ability of horses to unlock your self-limiting beliefs and create your best life yet!  


Equine Facilitated Coaching (EFC) is an emerging field in the world of personal development.  It is unique in the way it uses horses to help you work through your problems, issues and fears.  Horses have a great intuitive ability to mirror our energy and can communicate this through their body language.  In the same way that Transformational Coaching can truly awaken who you really area and where you want to be, EFC takes this one step further allowing for ‘in the moment feedback; from the horse (through their body language) to the client.  The wisdom of the horse is second to none.  Sessions are truly powerful and transformational.   

We work in partnership with Learning to Listen to deliver  EFC sessions in the beautiful countryside of St Paul’s Walden.  Your one-to-one sessions will take place either in the indoor facilitaties or outside in the field (depending on the weather).  You do not have to touch the horse, only in the vicinity of them.  There is no riding involved.  As with Transformational Coaching your Therapists will engage in direct conversation with you whilst observing how the horse is reacting.  Discussions will then take place regarding this and what the horse’s feedback means to you and your life. 

We believe that Equine Facilitated Coaching can enable you to: 

  • Unleash your full potential - do you know what you are truly capable of? 
  • Be more purposeful, focused and self-confident 
  • Raise your awareness so you can create your best life yet 
  • Reduce physical and mental dis-ease  
  • Go on to live your life fully with no regrets 

What do others have to say about Equine Facilitated Coachingt? 

My equine coaching sessions have been a real mind-opener, and have played an important part in me making some big decisions. Rebecca is a warm and welcoming person, making you feel at ease and at home straight away, and I cannot recommend Haelan and Rebecca enough! 
— Guro Eide, Hitchin
I started Equine Facilitated Coaching with Rebecca because I was at a crossroads in my career and needed some direction. I didn’t fully realise how powerful my first session would be until the horse, beautiful Bow, started actually mirroring how I was feeling in her behaviour, which helped hold up a mirror to my own self-limiting beliefs. With that new insight Rebecca guided me through an amazing journey and in three sessions I came out with a practical, thoughtful plan on how to move forward, and I’m already reaping the benefits of it now just a few weeks later. It’s also funny to think I was scared of horses: Bow seemed enormous and imposing when I first met her, but at the end of the session she seemed smaller and even nurturing, as she gently nudged my arm with her nose affectionately. Thanks Bow but thanks Rebecca for enlightening me and bringing a positive new force to my career.
— Zoë Folbigg, HItchin