Dynamic Body Revolution - £80

A deep, dynamic and catalytic massage treatment designed to realign your body and catalyse an internal revolution

  • Do you feel let down by your body?

  • Are you stuck and unable to move freely?

  • Have you set goals for your performance that your body just can’t seem to achieve?

  • Are you frustrated and constantly questioning why your body is in pain and discomfort?

Dynamic Body Revolution at Haelan Therapy in Hitchin, Hertfordshire is a deep, dynamic and catalytic treatment designed to realign the body and catalyse an internal revolution to assist you in the successful realisation of your personal wellbeing and goals. This unprecedented dynamic body revolution motivates and develops ultimate stability in muscles, joints and soft tissue, dramatically transforming painful symptoms into free movement and quality of life. The nature of this treatment is individually tailored to create constant motion in the body, stimulating a revolutionary healing pattern, which progressively speeds up during a course of treatments beyond the end of each session accelerating the healing process.  It integrates a variety of deep tissue release techniques and posture realignment, intuitively detecting and restructuring the source of imbalance.  This holistic approach restores the body’s natural rhythm and vitality, powerfully catalysing total alignment to achieve and maintain your body’s optimal state of being, therefore allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Specific elements of the Dynamic Body Revolution series:

Dynamic Optimal Body Revolution - Deep restoration, relaxation, stress relief and balance, for a smart approach to reach and regularly maintain an optimal state of being

Dynamic Posture Body Revolution – Realign and transform chronic posture imbalance to return to your unique ideal state of being

Dynamic Myofascial Body Revolution – A gentle yet super effective hands-on technique which eases discomfort in soft tissue and muscles, releases tension and increases circulation to allow freedom of movement. Particularly effective with chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis and fibromyalgia, though extremely beneficial for everybody as a regular treatment.

Dynamic Athletic Body Revolution– A tailored treatment plan to dynamically realign your body to successfully reach your athletic goals and achieve optimal performance.

Benefits of a Dynamic Body Revolution treatment:

What do others have to say about Dynamic Body Revolution?

Don’t even hesitate thinking about having a treatment with Indiana - just go for it! The results of Indiana’s work are amazing. She has this uncanny ability to detect what is actually occuring within you both mentally and physically and can reflect it back to you. You leaving feeling like every aspect of your life is coming into this perfect synch!
— Skarlet Lu Realta
I was looking for somebody to sort my back out as I had tried so many different people but nothing had worked. Indiana’s treatments stands out for me. It has been a journey of self-discovery and healing. She has gifted hands and a great understanding for life. I have the utmost gratitude completely.
— Melanie Iredale