Crystal Healing

Crystal Massage and Natural Light Therapy - £270


When crystals are used independently in massage or facials they emit a natural form of light/energy that stimulates the neurological system and sends positive messages/signals to the brain and throughout the body. The light permeates through the skin to a deeper, cellular level encouraging healthy growth patterns and a rejuvenated appearance. Various types of crystals have been used in case studies and have been found to be beneficial for deep relaxation, lymphatic drainage, improved muscle tone, increased self-esteem and skin purification. Crystals bring a new opportunity to embrace well-being in a manner that is natural, non-invasive and safe. 

In association with the British Academy of Crystal Healing, this two-day course will give you the opportunity to develop personal awareness of the natural light emitted specifically through the crystals and how to use it effectively within treatments such as massage and facial therapy.

Accreditation: Students will be awarded an FHT endorsed Certificate which is recognised throughout Europe. The British Academy of Crystal Healing prides themselves in being one of the UK’s leading authorities in Crystal Therapy and have attained a high standard of excellence over the last 10 years that is well recognised.

Structure of the Course The course will be delivered over a 2 day period with a total of14 hours of tutor led sessions. A home study questionnaire will be issued at the end of the 2 days for students to complete and submit for accreditation along with 4 case studies.

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