Crystal Facial - £75

A biophotonic experience for your face using crystal therapy and the Crystalline Web


Experience the benefits of a Transformational Facial, which includes the use of Neals Yard Remedies products to nurture and nourish your skin, with the addition of crystals and the Crystalline Web.  The Crystalline Web is unique to Haelan Therapy and is a gentle non-invasive form of vibrational therapy designed to trigger a response from the acupressure points in the face, resulting in a whole-body experience.

When crystals are used independently in facials, they emit a natural form of light/energy that stimulates the neurological system and sends positive signals to the brain and throughout the body.  Crystals with facials have been found to be beneficial for deep relaxation, lymphatic drainage, improved muscle tone, increased self-esteem and skin purification.  

How does the treatment work?

Your therapist will first facilitate a deeply relaxing Transformational Facial which uses facial massage to encourage the removal of toxins and reduce fluid retention in your face and facial lymphatic drainage techniques to help relieve any build-up of sinus pressure.  Crystals will also be used on your face to gently stimulate cell renewal in your face, tighten the muscles and calm the neurological system and finally the Crystalline Web will then be placed on your face for up to 30 minutes.  During this time you will have the choice to receive a further treatment of either a hand massage, reiki or foot massage simultaneously.

The Crystalline Web used here with Rose Quartz eye soothers and Carnelian and Aventurine wands.

What is the Crystalline Web?

The web is made from clear quartz crystals and Herkimer Diamonds and is laid on your face or any part of your body which requires healing support during the treatment.  The design of the web activates healing through the crystals and diamonds emitting piezo and pyro electricity directly into your energy field.  Here the neurological system in your body picks up on the light therapy enabling it to heal at a mental, emotional and physical (or cellular) level. 

 *You will be fully clothed throughout the treatment.   

**Suitable for all skin types

Benefits of a Crystal Facial: 

  •  Deep relaxation
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Activation of the acupressure points in the face
  • Skin purification
  • Healthy, younger looking skin
  • A positive attitude towards the ageing process
  • A balanced mind and body
  • Aids acne, scar tissue, moles, teeth, gums and sinus problems
  • Aids the health of the focus of the eye

What do others have to say about a Crystal Facial? 

I visited Haelan Therapy and Karenanne for the Crystal Facial and what an experience! My skin looks plumped and relaxed as though I have not encountered any stress in my day. I feel euphoric. This is the most wonderful experience. I wholeheartedly recommend the Crystal Facial to anyone. It is out of this world
— Sharon Aspland, Hitchin