Transformation Coaching: A journey of self-discovery

So often Jo, Philip and I are asked "What is Transformation Coaching, and how can it help me?"   As Transformation Coaches here at Haelan Therapy, we thought we would put the myths to bed and bring to the fore what Transformation Coaching is all about and how we feel it can benefit you. 

How does it work?

Transformation Coaching is a facilitated process which gives you the opportunity to unlock self-limiting beliefs and view your personal and professional worlds through a different set of filters.  ‘Self-limiting beliefs’ are beliefs about ourselves (typically modelled to us by others or experienced by us in our early years) that inhibit our potential and limit the choices we make in our personal and professional lives.  This concept is central to our work here at Haelan as we believe by exposing these beliefs it allows you to think differently, to see yourself differently and ultimately raise your awareness about who you truly are or have the potential to be in both your personal and professional lives. Transformation Coaching aims to create a profound and lasting change in you, giving you greater access to your own creativity, inspiration and to recognise your inner wisdom.

We believe that Transformation Coaching can enable you to:

  • Unleash your full potential

  • Release and let go of the stories you have created that hold you back

  • Be more purposeful, focused and self-confident

  • Raise your awareness so you can create your best life yet

  • Go on to live fully with no regrets

Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward - get real with yourself!
— Bryant McGill

So what's the next step?

On booking your coaching sessions with us, you will embark on a journey which involves face to face sessions in a confidential environment.  It is recommended that you access between 4 to 6 sessions and this will be reviewed throughout the coaching relationship and adjusted along the way to respond to your ongoing individual needs.  The first step in the coaching relationship is to create a coaching agreement which sets out how you and your coach will work together.  Once the agreement is in place you can, in a safe environment, go on to reflect on current experience and start to develop your self-awareness, explore your current perspectives, develop clarity of thought and emotional responsiveness and start to discover new ways to live your life. 

The coaching sessions thereafter will enable new thinking and rapid learning through the use of incisive questioning, enabling you to shine a light on your internal world and bring into focus the different ways you have created your current external reality.  You will move along a path of self-development that offers possibilities for a change in current thinking; challenging you to question your perceived self-limitations and patterns of thinking.  Through this approach of questioning and challenging, you will be able to more successfully tackle and resolve any conflict that may exist in your life. 

Jo works with a client in a tranquil and calm environment

Jo works with a client in a tranquil and calm environment

Transformation is more often unlearning than learning
— Richard Rohr

Ongoing support

In between face to face sessions, we will maintain open communication with each other offering you the opportunity to check-in when you need to and to celebrate milestones and support you during the re-orienting of your life and the implementation of a new way of thinking.

Who can benefit from Transformation Coaching?

We believe EVERYONE can benefit from Transformation Coaching!  Whether you are experiencing limitations in your personal or your professional lives,  Haelan Therapy is invested in supporting motivated individuals reach their full potential.  We believe we can enable you to overcome emotional, physical and spiritual hurdles, go on to confidently make life-changing decisions, cultivate more successful communication styles and releasing unwanted patterns of behaviour that are limiting you from moving forward.   

Reflecting on experience is a means of having a Socratic dialogue with yourself, asking the right questions at the right time, in order to discover the truth of yourself and your life.  What really happened?  Why did it happen?  What did it to me? What did it mean to me?  In this way one locates and appropriates the knowledge one needs, or, more precisely, recovers what one knew but had forgotten and becomes in Goethe’s phrase, the hammer rather than the anvil.
— W Bennis ‘On Becoming a Leader’

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We offer FREE consultation sessions which will enable you to find out more about the process and discuss where you are now, where you would like to be and how we can support you. All of our consultations take place in a safe and confidential environment.

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Rebecca, Jo & Philip x


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