Walk to School Month

 For those of you who know me I am a great lover of the outdoors and when I’m not cocooned in the therapy room I’m outside at the Learning to Listen Center working with the horses or roaming the countryside with my dogs.

The great outdoors is like nature’s wellbeing clinic and spending as little as 20-30 minutes walking outside each day can have some huge impacts on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

October is International Walk to School month, and as a busy mum myself I too have those mornings where we are screeching out the door at the last minute, jumping in the car and heading off to school before the gates close.  However when we prioritise our own wellbeing and walk or cycle to school, we all feel so much better for doing so and arrive feeling revitalised and ready for the day ahead.

Many schools now offer sports clubs before school starts as the benefits of children getting some light exercise first thing in the morning, can set them up to succeed in their school day.   Well the same goes when we don our hats and coats and make that morning stroll to the school gates.  

So what are the benefits…

Walking boosts circulation and increases oxygen to all cells in the body, so children arrive feeling awake and focused, which improves concentration, reduces disruptive behaviour and therefore improves academic performance.

Walking is a must for positive mental health as it promotes release of those feel-good endorphins which help reduce any stress or anxiety.  Many children also feel less anxious when they know the route from home to school.

Being outdoors boosts self-esteem, boosts problem solving skills, focus and self-discipline.  Walking to school promotes independence and freedom as they can make more decisions on foot than in a car, what they stop to look at, or as they start to learn about road safety, deciding on when to cross the road etc

Walking gets children outside.  With increasing concerns about childhood obesity, walking is a great way to improve physical fitness, increasing social interaction and it’s a great way to spend quality family time together.   

And for those of us who are the other side of 30, this healthy habit can even trigger an anti-aging process…. That’s what we would call a win-win!

And if walking isn’t your thing then how about getting in touch to see how our range of holistic touch therapies can offer the same benefits to you and your family.

Happy walking!

Jo x