'The Squeeze' - Recognising you have outgrown your current environment

Have you ever felt like you suddenly have an uneasy feeling and discomfort yet still within the same surroundings that you have previously felt happy in or that have worked for you?

Do you feel like an alien in your own life whether that be at home, at the workplace or socially?

Do you feel restless and bored and crave change, yet have no idea what that looks like?

Our intuition and deeper self has a strong knowing way before the rest of us catches up with it which assists us to always be in the constant flow of change necessary for our growth. Humans can at times miss the cues for change and in our states of fears and attachment resist this shift. So often and sometimes without realising it we have got to a point or crossroads in our lives where we know that we are ready conceptually for change and make a decision that we want something different than what we are currently experiencing. Energetically, the moment that we even make an inner decision for change, our reality is altering to assist that shift. Consciously or unconsciously we are creating a new path forwards even though it can feel like its only in conceptual at this point. As we know, thoughts create reality and are super powerful especially when we feel those words with every fibre of our being.

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To use myself as an example, I was previously working in an amazing and thriving beauty salon carrying out my own therapies for a few years happily and growing perfectly as I should in that environment and loving the people I was working with. One day I started to notice many irritations in my working environment which made me feel uncomfortable to create the right quiet space in which was perfect for what I wanted to achieve with my clients. It took a little while for me to realise that many different clues were showing me that I had to make a decision to move elsewhere in order to continue to grow in myself and therefore what i was delivering. 

At first I was surprised that I was feeling like that as on the outside nothing had really changed seemingly to provoke a decision. What I realised was that it was me who had changed and I was ensuring that I got that particular message by creating the sense that I was so uncomfortable that I would make a strong decision.

I call this period The Squeeze' as it can literally feel like I am in a vice and resist as I might, it gets tighter until I make the choice.

What I have found is that as soon as this decision is made on the inside I can breathe a breath of fresh air again as energetically i know that by acknowledging this necessary decision it has been heard and is already in motion behind the scenes. I find that suddenly once more I can become comfortable where I am until I feel the time is right to take action and physically move on my decision. Often 'The Squeeze' shows us that change and decision is necessary yet it may not be the perfect time to act in that moment. Then what follows is the surrender to feeling into our knowing that we should remain like the tiger in the grass ready and poised focused on what we choose until we feel the moment to shift into action. The more that we can be in alignment with what we choose, the easier it is for us to feel into when to be still and when to act. With this recognition and practise of this fluidity in change, we are mastering transformation in every moment. The moment that we fall out of alignment, we are potentially slowing our growth and courting our stories that distract us from what we truly choose.

Is there anywhere in your life right now where it feels like its not working or serving what you choose anymore no matter how long or invested you are? It mostly involves your relationships with all aspects of your life as if all individual components are changing then how could your dynamic with them not be in constant change too? A good practice to do is to create a quiet space regularly and check in with yourself to have a quick evaluation of all areas to see if all those key relationships with people / situations still serve you in their current form or if are there some decisions to be made to test and adjust and create a brand new way forwards to better suit what you are truly choosing and to match who you are now and your goals. 'The Squeeze' is actually a super power as I feel like it’s the military arm of our intuition kicking us into realignment ensuring we stay the course creating the most perfect path forwards, and if embraced will help us to stay present in every moment, completely true to ourselves and choices. A momentary feeling of discomfort, once acknowledged and acted upon can bring unparalleled happiness and fulfilment as we move through our limited imaginations charting a new course into the beautiful mysterious terrain ahead.

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Indiana x

Founder of iRevolution

Indiana Lou Lazulia - Found of iRevolution

Indiana Lou Lazulia - Found of iRevolution