Love is not just a four letter word

Love is not just a four letter word.  Love is the connection with self.

Valentine’s Day is here!  The day where we openly express our love and emotional connection with one another.  However we believe at Haelan that ‘to love or to be loved’ has to start much closer to home and on a far more regular basis than just once a year!

Two of the most basic needs of childhood are love and emotional connection.  When we receive both of these we learn to be loved, feel worthy and valued.  We learn to connect with ourselves and in turn go on to show our love and affection for others too.   

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued” Brene Brown

By connecting with ourselves first before seeking the validation from another,  we can go on to express our love and gratitude far more honestly and authentically and in return receive it.   So on this Valentine’s Day take a moment to focus on you and how you are feeling.  Express gratitude for yourself, love yourself and recognise one positive thing in your life regardless of how big or small.  Go on to tell the person closest to you how much you love them too.  Connect inwardly first and then spread the love....and we bet you’ll be doing it far more than once a year as a result!

Happy Valentines today and every day.

With love xx