What is i-Revolution? The cogs, gears and wheels that constantly turn, creating your own reality!

Indiana’s i Revolution programmes are highly transformative and catalytic essentially taking someone from their current reality of what they are experiencing in the body and every area of their life, stripping that reality into components to understand the stories, choices and paths that have brought them to where they are now, connecting the dots and reflecting back to them how they are wearing those stories and the ways in which they have impacted their current reality thus far. With that new awareness and clarity, the next stage will be to then help facilitate the new story to be written first with the power of word (intentions) then physically and dynamically through their bodies. Read on to find out more…

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New Treatment for Haelan Therapy - Dynamic Life Realignment

So today is the day that Dynamic Life Realignment is officially born as my brand new treatment here at Haelan Therapy! I am super excited as I have been taking my time recently fine tuning and developing how I deliver this powerful tool of self-discovery to you all.  I am ecstatic to announce that it is now fully available to book so you can start your journey with me at Haelan.

So what is Dynamic Life Realignment?

Dynamic Life Realignment uses the ancient Tarot doorway as a powerful tool to unlock your intuition and show you who you truly are and what you are creating for yourself in every moment through your daily choices and mind-set. By showing you a picture of your life as it unfolds, it draws into awareness a deeper understanding into why for example you might be experiencing certain patterns of relationships or cycles of challenges in your life and why certain people and situations come in and out your life at particular times. This powerful insight delivers you the self-awareness to see the bigger picture revealing a fresh new perspective on your life. Our next step together is to then realign your life choices to match your deepest goals and desires which then can assist you to become more streamlined in your approach to fulfil them. If you are ready to step up and take back the power and driving force of your life, then this is the perfect dynamic path for you.

Key Benefits:

  • A dynamic realignment of your life and purpose
  • Instant transformation within yourself and your life through increased self-awareness
  • Self-empowerment
  • A visual picture of your life
  • Cause and effect of your daily decisions
  • Deeper understanding of your self, life and purpose
  • Uncovering hidden pieces of your life puzzle
  • Accelerated growth and dynamic route to your greatest goals and desires
  • Preparation for upcoming events and a deeper understanding to the reasons and purpose behind it
  • Powerful insight and clarity to show the bigger picture beyond the current situation
  • Healing and balance


"Having Dynamic Life Realignment with Indiana on a regular basis, has helped me feel more positive, lighter and energised. It has given me the clarity to see the challenges that I face, which have often made me feel exhausted, heavy and overwhelmed. I have been able to incorporate the awareness that I have gained in the sessions into my everyday life. The combination of the visual impact of the cards and the insightful reflections with Indiana have enabled me to look at my life as if I am the ‘observer’ which gives me a clearer perspective and objectivity. It has helped me gain a clearer vision of the choices I have made or need to make and helps me to neutralise the emotional charge around these decisions so I can act more intentionally rather than reactionary.  Dynamic Life Realignment continually helps me to remain present in my life and to know that my choices open up new paths and constantly evolve, therefore nothing is set in stone and I have been able to reclaim my own power to craft the life I desire."  Nikki (Hitchin)

"Dynamic Life Realignment with Indiana is a supremely powerful experience.  Not only does it reveal hidden layers of understanding beneath 'perceived' events occurring in your life, enabling you to make clear choices about your way forwards, it also delivers dynamic movement for powerful change where your life shifts immediately!"  Skarlet Lu Realta (Stotfold)

I look forward to seeing you soon and introducing you to Dynamic Life Realignment and paving your new path in life.  If would you like an informal chat with me about the benefits of this treatment and how I can help you before booking please contact me HERE.

Indiana xx