Change your thoughts and you can change your world!

Rebecca asked me to write about my experience of Transformational Coaching.  If she’d asked me 18 months ago it probably wouldn’t have happened - in fact, I think she did actually ask me 6 months ago and it still didn’t happen!  I was too worried about what people might think of me. Too scared of being judged.  Basically, allowing fear to stop me from doing something.  Stopping me from doing something I enjoy and also from something that may help someone else.  Maybe you’ll recognise something of yourself in my story and take the time to think about it and help yourself too.

Marie with husband Andy and children Amy and Daniel

Marie with husband Andy and children Amy and Daniel

On paper all was rosy.  Nice house, happy marriage, healthy children and successfully running my own business: but something didn’t feel quite right.  I was down, snappy with and resentful of those closest to me.  I’ve suffered a couple of times in the past with depression and it wasn’t quite that, but I felt enough that alarm bells were ringing.

I was seeing Becky fairly regularly for beautiful Transformational Massage treatments which were helping on some level but one day in the pre-treatment chat, in her very intuitive way, she asked just the right questions at just the right time.  The planned massage became an impromptu but extremely revealing Transformational Coaching session.  The insights I gained in that first session were really quite dramatic and more than enough to make me see that I needed and wanted more of the same.

I had got myself into a pattern of doing what was required and expected of me but lost sight of myself and what I needed along the way.  I had somehow come to equate looking after others with putting myself to the bottom of the pile.  Coupled with an underlying fear of change and what might happen if I spoke up, I was feeling pretty trapped.

That very first session with Becky reminded me that it was OK to be kind to myself.  OK to speak out if I wasn’t feeling great or all was less than perfect.  More than OK actually.  It was essential.  That it didn’t make me selfish or a bad person - it made me human.  How could I look after everyone else if I wasn’t at my best?  How could things improve if no one knew anything was wrong?

Coaching at Haelan Therapy takes place in a safe and supportive environment

Coaching at Haelan Therapy takes place in a safe and supportive environment

It’s been an interesting, and at times, uncomfortable journey of discovery.  But by making time to regularly think and talk about myself and my experiences in a really safe supportive environment I was able to work through what had brought me to this pattern of thinking and by understanding this have been able to move forward in really positive ways. One of the key aspects of being kind to myself was to allow myself an hour or so a week to go to a Slimming World group. To my surprise and delight the ideas of making time to look after 'yourself' and letting go of guilt were just some of the key themes!

By confronting my fear of being judged or humiliated about my weight I actually found out that this was a million miles from what would happen.  They actually go out of the way in their ‘Formula for Success’ to promise the exact opposite.  Support is really the most important thing.  It all starts with feeling that you’re not alone.  I couldn’t have lost 2 stone 11lbs without the weekly help, encouragement and understanding of my own Consultant and group.

Marie Gill, Hitchin's new Slimming World Consultant based at St Andrews Primary School on Monday evenings at 19.30

Marie Gill, Hitchin's new Slimming World Consultant based at St Andrews Primary School on Monday evenings at 19.30

When I first joined Slimming World as a member 1 year ago this month, I never dreamed that I would end up becoming a Consultant and helping other people to lose weight but now I just can’t wait to get started.  After completing my training, it’s a privilege for me to be able to pass on the experience, insight and understanding that helped me, so that I can give my members the support they need to get to target and live happier, healthier lives.

My Slimming World group will be held at St Andrew’s CofE Primary School, Hitchin every Monday at 7:30pm from 17th April. For more information or to join me either pop along on 17th April or contact me here.  You can also visit my Facebook page here and give me a like too!

So, thank you Becky for all your support, wisdom andddd Transformational Coaching.  I hope the 18 month wait for this piece of writing was as worth it for you as it has been for me! 

Marie xxx

**If Marie's story resonates with you or sounds familiar, why not contact us to find out how our Transformational Coaching or Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions could help you.   Click here to contact either Rebecca or Jo  and begin the start of your journey to the new 'you'.