How Can Essential Oils Help Shift Our Mood?

Our feelings and ultimately our mood come in response to what we see, smell, hear, feel, taste, think or have experienced in the past. Rebecca Louise Kelly shares how using essential oils can help shift our mood by accessing the limbic area of our brain where our emotions and behaviours are stored.

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National Bed Month

We spend nearly 230,000 hours, nearly a third of our lifetime doing it, and on average need 8 hours a day.  Catching zzz’s, hitting the sack, getting some shut eye, call it a night, are just some of the phrases used to refer to that daily activity we all do called sleep.

Personally, I don't and never have had any problems getting a good night’s sleep, however, for many it's not the same story and finding that peaceful space to rest and rejuvenate is just a faraway dream

To coincide with daylight saving, March is national bed month, raising awareness about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

National Bed Month

Sleep allows our body to replenish energy stores and repair itself on physical, emotional and mental levels.  When we get regular, unbroken sleep, our body can function from an optimum level, boosting our immune system, improving memory and mental wellbeing, it can help us keep slim due to keeping the hunger hormone ghrelin in balance and can even help increase fertility.  

However, when we are sleep deprived, it is quite a different story.   An occasional night without sleep can leave us feeling tired and grumpy, but consistent lack of sleep affects us on a deeper level and apart from the foggy brain making it difficult to make decisions and concentrate, which in turn puts us at a higher risk of having an accident, sleep deprivation can lead to depression and anxiety, puts us at risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes and ultimately can shorten life expectancy.  

In today’s busy society setting yourself and your sleeping environment up to help promote sleep is key, so here are some helpful tips.

- Sleep in a cold room at approximately 18 degrees Celsius

- Ensure you have good curtains to block out all light

- Leave mobile phones out of the bedroom, not only do they emit radiation which can increase the amount of time it takes to reach a deep state of sleep, buzzing and flashing from incoming messages and alerts will prevent you from shutting off

- Avoid late night screen time.  IPads and computers emit blue light which delays production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

- Get up at the same time every day so your body can establish a natural pattern.

- Reading for 15minutes before going to sleep will help calm the mental chatter of the mind and switch off from the day

Once you have established what helps you sleep consistently, develop a ritual that means an hour before bedtime you are already on the right path to a good nights’ sleep.

If you would like to further support in achieving a good nights’ sleep, then at Haelan Therapy we have an array of magical touch therapies that can help rebalance your physical, mental and emotional systems putting you back on track to reaching those 8 hours of dreamy bliss.

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By Jo Osborn

Love is not just a four letter word

Love is not just a four letter word.  Love is the connection with self.

Valentine’s Day is here!  The day where we openly express our love and emotional connection with one another.  However we believe at Haelan that ‘to love or to be loved’ has to start much closer to home and on a far more regular basis than just once a year!

Two of the most basic needs of childhood are love and emotional connection.  When we receive both of these we learn to be loved, feel worthy and valued.  We learn to connect with ourselves and in turn go on to show our love and affection for others too.   

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued” Brene Brown

By connecting with ourselves first before seeking the validation from another,  we can go on to express our love and gratitude far more honestly and authentically and in return receive it.   So on this Valentine’s Day take a moment to focus on you and how you are feeling.  Express gratitude for yourself, love yourself and recognise one positive thing in your life regardless of how big or small.  Go on to tell the person closest to you how much you love them too.  Connect inwardly first and then spread the love....and we bet you’ll be doing it far more than once a year as a result!

Happy Valentines today and every day.

With love xx