Random Acts of Kindness Day 17th February 2017

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, which if being frank should be EVERYDAY! So just what is this day in recognition of exactly? What are the feelings and words evoked when we consider what random acts of kindness are?

Acts of kindness can come in many forms. They can be grander gestures which are generally deliberate and planned, however often the most generous and beautiful gifts we exchange with one another can be created in the most simplest exquisite moments. These are random opportunities presented where we can act in a purely selfless way such as giving someone a heartfelt hug, helping a parent who is struggling with a pushchair down a flight of stairs, listening wholeheartedly to someone in such a way that makes them feel important or even paying a compliment to a stranger which could literally make their entire day!

Whether that act of kindness is perceived as big or small, the beauty of sharing this gift has a catalytic compounded effect that can ripple outwards in an ever increasing circle of radiance. We never truly know the effect we are having on others by donating a precious moment or a piece of ourselves, however we do know that every act creates an impact and will always make a difference. Starting with how it feels within us by doing so. How amazing does it feel when we display kindness, thoughtfulness, tenderness, love and gratitude towards another? Imagine for a moment what that would feel like if we could intentionally do this everyday in some way or form...

We Challenge You!

It is well known that by doing something daily for at least 28 days it creates a habit. In a world full of unhealthy habits, let's create a healthy worthwhile one that can happily reside in our everyday lives always. We are very passionate about sharing the love here at Haelan Therapy and we are inviting you right now to get involved in our 28 Daily Acts of Random Kindness challenge! If we all intentionally and consciously show kindness to others daily for 28 days we will have created a new habit yay! Even better we can all share our experiences on Facebook with each other. Share your experiences on our Facebook page and at the end of the 28 days we will choose a name among those who have shared and then ask them to nominate a person of their choosing (such as a friend or family member) and they will receive 'A Touch Of Everything' treatment from me Karenanne Hay! This is my act of kindness to you.

It's time to get involved and emanate your kindness today in your own special way!  #spreadthecheer #randomactsofkindness #healthyhabits

By Karenanne Hay