New Term – New You

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Summer is nearly out and the new term upon us.  I remember this time of the year very clearly as a young girl, waiting excitedly to get back to school.  It was a time to get out my old pencil case and dust down my uniform…actually...hang on…scratch that…what am I thinking?!  A new term was always about a *new* shiny pencil case where the pencils were sharpened, the plastic shatter proof ruler was clear and free from scratches and the new exercise books proudly covered with sticky backed plastic!  It was a great feeling wasn’t it...knowing you'd be starting off the term with everything new...a fresh start of sorts.  A feeling not too dissimilar to shrugging off old worn out beliefs and replacing them with nice shiny new ones perhaps; ones that you can go forth and grow and shape your life with.   Our internal belief system is the comfort zone within which we operate, but it can often be limiting if we allow false beliefs to rule our thinking.

Transform your life: Replace the old with the new!


Change your old pencil case thoughts and beliefs with Haelan Therapy’s Transformational Coaching and start your new term as you mean to go on.  Transformational Coaching is a facilitated process which gives you the opportunity to unlock self-limiting beliefs and view your personal and professional worlds through a different set of filters.  ‘Self-limiting beliefs’ are beliefs about ourselves (typically modelled to us by others or experienced by us in our early years) that inhibit our potential and limit the choices we make in our personal and professional lives.  This concept is central to our work here at Haelan as we believe by exposing these beliefs it allows you to think differently, to see yourself differently and ultimately raise your awareness about who you truly are or have the potential to be in both your personal and professional lives. Transformational Coaching aims to create a profound and lasting change in an individual, giving you greater access to your own creativity, inspiration and to recognise your inner wisdom.

“ I recently completed a transformational therapy course with Rebecca over 6 months and found the experience invaluable. It gave me huge insight and helped me understand why things happen and understand myself better. My approach to life has changed from seeing her. 100% recommend.” Rob Martin, Hitchin


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