National Mother Earth Day

Today, 22nd April, is National Mother Earth Day. In 1970, Earth Day was created when a US senator, having witnessed a massive oil spill in California, sought to highlight the devastation of air and water pollution and drove environmental policy onto the US political agenda. This put the subject of the environment on the Western map and later led to the creation of Mother Earth Day, established in 2009 and celebrated here in the UK. Today, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change become all the more real.

We all have a responsibility to protect our beautiful planet. Many of us have taken some important steps already such as recycling as much as we can, switching to energy efficient lightbulbs and never leaving the house without our Bag for Life! There are even more steps we can take such as creating a compost heap in our back gardens, turning TVs and computers off at night and cleaning the back of our fridge – dusty coils can increase our energy consumption by 30% would you believe!

 It is also best to choose organic wherever possible. Organic farming avoids the use of artificial nitrogen-rich fertilisers, potent sources of greenhouse gas emissions and supports biodiversity. Not to mention the huge personal benefits we gain from eating organic produce, rich in nutrients and antioxidants and free from nasties such as growth hormones and antibiotics which we unwittingly ingest via meat and poultry.


Choosing organic doesn’t stop at food, however. In many of our treatments at Haelan Therapy, we use Neal’s Yard Remedies organic products. These products use sustainably and ethically harvested wild ingredients and are packaged in fully recyclable dark blue glass which blocks damaging UV light allowing the products to contain minimal preservatives. The plastic bottles are produced from post-consumer recycled plastic and the paper and card are from sustainable managed sources and printed with vegetable based inks.

 As well as their positive impact on the environment, the organic ingredients contain higher levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins and up to 69% more antioxidants which directly benefit us. Find out more at where Neal’s Yard Remedies products are available for purchase.

Healing the earth by being kind to it makes perfect sense. So why do we all too often forget to apply this concept to ourselves? This lies behind our fundamental belief at Haelan Therapy. By being kind to ourselves we can start to heal. Eating good, organic ingredients, applying good, organic products and allowing ourselves time out of the busy routine to really connect with our inner Mother Earth is a great place to start. Visit to make a positive change today.

By Sarah Tomlin