From Patient to Practitioner: My Journey with Biomagnetic Neuropsychology  

I first heard about Biomagnetic Neuropsychology about 18 months ago when my colleague Faye Coulson, here at Haelan Therapy first started practising it. I was intrigued by the name alone, when I looked into what it really was, I knew that I could really benefit from this treatment.

I had some challenges of my own to face and conquer. Things were good, but I was feeling stuck. I knew exactly where I wanted to go in my life, but I just wasn't taking action. I had a hangover from a previous relationship which was still there with me. I was finding it hard to move on and hard to get on with the things in my life that I really wanted to do; and those things were both personal things and things in my career. When Faye told me that Biomagnetic Neuropsychology (or NEURO, as it's known nowadays), could really help me, I knew I wanted to try it. When I learned that the success rate was so high that was almost impossible for me not to see some form of progress, that was it. I was in.

I had two treatments in the space of a month to go through all of the different emotions and feelings that came up for me in my consultation. Some of these were conscious emotions and feelings, but most of these were unconscious. This is why NEURO is so powerful - because it enables us to look at the unconscious and overcome problems and barriers in our lives. And right there, in our unconscious mind, is where 90% of thoughts and emotions happen.

The results blew my mind (no pun intended!). Suddenly I found that all of the barriers that were in my way, had cleared. I felt differently, but not only that I feel differently, I was behaving differently. I was finally getting on with the things I knew I wanted and needed to do. I was so fascinated by my experience, that this little electromagnet could create new pathways in the brain and enable me to overcome anything in my life. I had to learn more.

I then learned that NEURO could help with anxiety, depression, fear and all kinds of other things such as calming the mind of someone who has autism, or help someone with Parkinson’s to have more control of their movement. So I thought, imagine working with people using this therapy. I decided that I wanted to go for it.

Getting stuck into NEURO wasn't as easy as I thought it might be. There was only one practitioner in the UK at the time, and she was the person that had been treating me! And then I found that there was only one person in the world that was certified to teach this. And he lives in Mexico. Still, I knew that I wanted to learn more and I knew that I wanted to use this wonderful therapy alongside my meditation and mindfulness work, Reiki, Alchemy and Transformation Coaching. And it was then that I discovered that Moises Goiz, the creator of NEURO, was going to Ireland in the summer to teach this for the first time in Europe. So of course, I signed up, booked my flight and never looked back. I qualified, avoiding almost all opportunities for a pint of Guinness (we were in Dublin after all!), because every day was twelve hours of classroom and practical. It was hard, but so enjoyable. And I got my certification.   

Goofing around with Faye whilst training!

Goofing around with Faye whilst training!

Since qualifying in NEURO, I've seen a variety of clients with various things coming up in their lives. All of them are seeing an impact from having NEURO sessions. I'm so glad I discovered this unique treatment, and to be one of the first three in England to be working as a NEURO practitioner is really exciting.

If you’d like to try it, come and see my for a free consultation and discover how NEURO can enable you to train your brain and free your mind. Click HERE to book your session with me.