Crystal Therapy: If it's good enough for celebrities then it's good enough for us!

Our resident crystal expert, Jo Osborn takes time out to tell us about crystal therapy and debunks the idea that the healing power of crystals is just stuff and nonsense. Read on to find out how singer Adele uses crystals and how science has proved that they are the real deal…

The use of crystals as a form of alternative healing therapy has become less ‘woo-woo’ in recent years with health gurus, millionaire businessmen and celebrities all advocating the use of crystals to help with increasing happiness, bringing positive energy to their professional lives, boosting health and vitality and even becoming part of daily beauty regimes. The singer Adele was said to have carried crystals in her hands for her comeback show to help with stage fright.  She was reported saying “It was the best show I’ve ever done, and I had these bloody crystals in my hand!” 

Adele used crystals to help with stage fright during her comeback show…

Adele used crystals to help with stage fright during her comeback show…

Crystals are natural wonders of the earth and each stone has a unique vibration which, when energetically activated, emits a natural form of light energy that stimulates the neurological system and along with our own energy field, enhances the body’s ability to change its state and bring about balance and repair.

Working with crystals invites you to become curious, explore your beliefs and perception, and listen to your own intuition.  My belief is that you will receive whatever healing or experience you need in that moment based on your intention.  Many sceptics refer to crystals as just enhancing the placebo effect, however, science has proven that we are all made up of trillions of cells that transmit and receive energy which is stored as memory in our cells. There is evidence that energy can be influenced due to a change in environment, whether that be physical, mental or emotional, and Stem Cell Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton remarks that “Cells are programmable…dynamically linked to information from the environment, which is downloaded into the cell”.  This suggests that we can choose to constantly change the way we feel.  


Crystals can have positive effects on many specific ailments and dis-ease of the body such as stress and anxiety, and can be used both for preventative and curative healing, but there are no limits to what they are good for.  I invite you to become your own healer and get curious with some of the crystals below.  Be intuitively guided as to what you need, and notice which crystal ‘jumps’ out at you.  Quietly sit with the crystal and see how you feel, carry it around with you or place it under your pillow at night and entrust that you will get what you need.  Take the opportunity to journal how you feel before choosing the crystal and note any observations you have about yourself in the days and weeks afterwards to notice how the crystal is working for you.

Clear Quartz - the Master Healing crystal

Clear Quartz - the Master Healing crystal

Clear Quartz: ‘The Master Healer’ - Great for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, recharging the whole body. 

Sodalite: ‘The stone of Peace’ - Great for calming the mind and easing anxiety and panic attacks.  Helps boost self-confidence, aids communication and gives clarity to thoughts.

Howlite: A great calming stone. Helps with insomnia due to a stressful overactive mind.  Good for dissolving feelings of anger and detaching from old emotional pain.

Citrine - to bring abundance

Citrine - to bring abundance

Citrine: Known as the money stone, it is believed to bring in abundance.  Also good for digestive disorders and for relationships, balancing the ying and yang energy.

Hematite: Good for courage and mental processes.  Physically good for backache and cramps.  A good crystal for staying grounded at times when you feel unbalanced and disconnected from yourself.

Embrace the experience that working with crystals can bring and trust you will receive exactly what you need. Would you like to experience the power of crystal healing? At Haelan Therapy, I offer Transformation Healing which combines crystal healing with other energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Numerology. Click HERE to find out more about this treatment and to book a session with me.

Johanna Osborn,

Crystal Healer and Transformation Coach