Are you keeping a stiff upper lip at the expense of your wellbeing?

Does your dad, brother, son, uncle, husband or partner know that he doesn’t have to take it all on his shoulders? Do men feel able to talk freely about how they feel? Are they aware of the risks of bottling everything up and not giving themselves an outlet to work through their fears?

With the stigma of mental health for men being a significant barrier, we as a society have a responsibility to help men recognise that it is OK to seek support when they feel the chips are down or that they are taking too much on. At the very least mean need to know it is OK to take regular time out from the fast pace of life.

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Dieting, binge eating, disordered eating and body our mental health is being affected by what others tell us

Healing from dieting, binge eating, disordered eating, body shame and how we think and feel about our bodies can be…well…hard work. We live in a society which has a culture that glorifies and praises dieting tendencies and intertwines our worth with our bodies, our nutritional intake and even our mental health. But is this how it should be? Rebecca Louise Kelly looks at how the diet culture is affecting our mental health and how we can start to make the change by listening to our bodies.

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'The Squeeze' - Recognising you have outgrown your current environment

Have you ever felt like you suddenly have an uneasy feeling and discomfort yet still within the same surroundings that you have previously felt happy in or that have worked for you? Do you feel like an alien in your own life whether that be at home, at the workplace or socially? Do you feel restless and bored and crave change, yet have no idea what that looks like? If you have answered yes to any of these answers you are likely experiencing the ‘squeeze'…read on to find out how this phenomena can actually help you to grow and shape your life.

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