What can you expect from one of our Personal Retreat Days?

East Hall Farmhouse is located on the Bowes-Lyon Estate, St Paul's Walden, Hertfordshire.

East Hall Farmhouse is located on the Bowes-Lyon Estate, St Paul's Walden, Hertfordshire.

"Arriving at the Learning to Listen Centre at East Hall Farmhouse, St Paul’s Walden is always a calming experience; one which gives you the opportunity to close your eyes, take a long deep breath and know that you have arrived in a place where you can be your true self", says Rebecca Kelly, owner of Haelan Therapy. 

Working in partnership with Learning to Listen and supported by Myogi,  Haelan Therapy's first one-day retreat, which took place on Monday 10th July, did just this; it enabled six beautiful souls to come together and connect with themselves and experience a slice of tranquillity in the beautiful surroundings of the Bowes-Lyon Estate.  Combining Equine Facilitated Coaching with holistic therapy, yoga and meditation created a powerful combination which empowered clients to take their space, pause, reflect and reconnect and experience a unique and unforgettable day.   


A yoga session first thing in the morning enabled the guests to set their intentions for the day, “It was a wonderful experience to teach yoga outdoors at East Hall Farmhouse on such a glorious sunny day” said Tracey from Myogi Yoga.  “The guests began their yoga practice by setting an intention for themselves and for the day ahead and I then guided them through an hour long physical practice, designed to help them connect with their bodies on an intuitive level, rather than mastering poses on a physical level.  As they began to create space in their bodies, they were able to create space in their minds also, forming a union between body, mind and breath – the definition of yoga.   It was so amazing to feel the sun on our skin and hear the sounds of nature surrounding us.  At one point we even had a hen wander into the yoga area – if Hen Yoga isn’t a thing yet, watch this space!!”


A space was held for the guests later in the day during a dedicated Meditation and Mindfulness session to speak about their experience so far or to check- in with how they were feeling.  This was a chance to speak from the heart, to find some quiet time, journal or meditate, and allowed the guests to ask themselves what they needed at that point and to honour that. 


A nutritious lunch was provided by  Chia Naturally Healthy and hosted by Haelan Therapist, Sarah Tomlin.  Guests were able to use this time to catch up with one another and also engage in a hearty discussion around the links between nutrition and guest's wellbeing.


Equine Facilitated Coaching sessions gave our guests the opportunity to gain insights and wisdom from the horses about where they are now in their lives and where they want to be.  A reflections session then followed giving them the opportunity to consider what had come up for them and journal any ideas, thoughts or understanding.   "Equine Facilitated Coaching is an emerging field in the world of personal development and is unique in the way it uses horse to help people work through their problems, issues and fears.  Horses have a great intuitive ability to mirror our energy and can communicate this through their body language.  Our guests were able to explore different ideas and concepts around the awareness we have of ourselves and how by having this awareness, we can be the best version of ourselves in all our relationships" said Jo Osborn, Equine Facilitated Coach at Learning to Listen.


The guests also took some time out for themselves throughout the day with healing treatments such as massage, reflexology, facial therapy and Dynamic Life Realignment.  Rebecca Kelly remarks, "Haelan's healing treatments enable guests to simply lose themselves.  Our philosophy is simple; we recognise the most important element in any treatment is you.   We place our guest’s wellbeing at the core of our work and through our treatments, empower them to be in control of their health and happiness".    

For many attending the recent retreat, Haelan's treatments offered them the opportunity to relax and switch off and in one or two cases, connect with their inner thoughts creating light bulb moments about what had been limiting them in their lives.  “The room was perfect.  The music was perfect.  The massage treatment was incredible.” said Judith, a guest on our recent retreat.

As the day drew to a close, the guests were invited back to the yoga space to experience Yoga Nidra; a guided meditation and body scan, which allows you to enter the space between sleeping and waking, resulting in deep relaxation and expanded self-awareness.  “It was such a privilege to lead this meditation” said Tracey, “and to draw the retreat to a close by helping the guests to honour their intention and deeply connect to their Self.”

If you like the sound of this experience and would like to join us on our next retreat in September or Summer 2018, please contact us here to register your interest, to book your place or to simply find out more.   Each retreat has a maximum of 6 guests so don't delay and book today if this is of interest to you.

I have had such a lovely day spent creating a little bit of ‘me time’. Thank you.
— Vicky Adams, Hitchin

We look forward to meeting you very soon.

Rebecca, Tracey, Jo, Sam, Karenanne, Indie and Sarah xx