Touch - A Powerful Yet Underrated Sense

Physical touch is one of the most basic forms of communication and the most personally experienced of all sensations.  Our deepest thoughts and fears are communicated through touch.  This tactile sense joins together the awareness of ourselves and those around us.  Read Rebecca Louise Kelly’s blog which looks at how touch has informed our language and means of communication.

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You're Not Stuck, Unless That's Your Story Of Course..

You're not stuck unless that's your story of course…

Ever felt like you are stuck in your life and body where by you feel like you are wading through treacle. lost, confused, paralysed by perceptions.

Does this feel painful for you emotionally and physically as you can feel weighed heavily to the ground by what feels like many real fears or reasons lashing you down?

What if you were able to cut through all the fears and stories that you were creating for yourself by shifting the way you look at whats unfolding and see right into the heart of what you have felt has enslaved you and held you back.

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What does it mean to be in the present moment?

One of the questions that comes up most often in meditation class here at Haelan Therapy, when healing or when my colleagues are coaching our clients, is around being present and still. To be exact, I am often asked “what does it mean to truly be in the present moment?”.

In this blog, I will explain what this is and how it can be achieved at any moment, no matter where you are and what you are doing at any time.

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