Blue Monday Survival Toolkit

Today has been labelled Blue Monday.  Here at Haelan we totally disagree in creating labels as when you label something, it becomes so.  We have taken the opportunity to look Blue Monday in the face and blow a raspberry at it by creating our Haelan Blue Monday Survival Toolkit!  We believe that every day has the potential to be a positive one regardless of the detail of the day.

Blue Monday.png

1. Start the day saying something positive about yourself and in turn say something positive to someone else in your life

2. Get involved in some sort of exercise and get your body moving.  Whether it is centering yourself with Yoga or Pilates, going for a walk or a run or sweating profusely at the gym...we believe that moving the body encourages a positive feeling.

3. Look at something you have in your life that you appreciate or remind yourself of a positive moment in your life and relive that feeling of gratitude.

4. List your favourite pieces of music, pop it on nice and loudly and dance around like you have never danced before.  Create a kitchen disco and bop until you drop!

5. Create a positive mantra for yourself for the day and then repeat it throughout the day.  It could be I Am Strong or I Am Beautiful or I Am Good Enough...

6. Inject some colour into your life.  Wear black and you may feel more sombre.  Wear yellow and you may feel more bright.  Look at where you can bring colour into your life through the colours you wear, the things you buy and items you surround yourself with.

Have a happy, positive day and bright blessings to you all.

Rebecca X