Beat the summer blues!

Looking out of the window this morning was to say the least...mildly depressing.  After all it's meant to be summer, isn't it?!   All over Instagram and Facebook friends and acquaintances are posting pictures of cosy fires or writing about how yummy their heavy meat pie or tartiflettee was at the Highlander last night.  I have no doubt it was...but we should be enjoying summer salads and Pimms and Lemonade right now!  Hey weather...haven't you heard it's meant to be summer...not winter?!  When I looked out of my window this morning the rain was hammering down on my patio and having checked the forecast for the rest of the day here in Hitchin I can't say that it looks like it will be leaving us anytime soon.  Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But having dwelled on the summer blues now for a few days since returning from holiday, I went on to shut the curtains on the waterfall that was occurring outside my bedroom window.  I thought it was high time to start to find a positive spin, embrace what we have right now as it looks like the weather is set to stay....for a while anyway.

So here are a few suggestions:

1. Check out the Positive Weather forecast website.  It suggests it's "for when you're tired of all the negative weathers in the world" yep that's most of the UK right now! 

2. Carve out opportunities for some 'me time' and book them in advance for something to look forward to.  We have just launched our first one-day personal retreat - take a look here for something truly unique and life-changing.  Or perhaps treat yourself to a massage, reflexology or energy healing session.  Check out what we have to offer here, make a booking and pop it in your diary.

3. So it may be cold outside, but at the Yoga Shed there is Hot Yoga!  A win-win combination of exercise - where the heat allows you to detoxify while practising and enables a deeper stretch for your muscles, and warmth which means you can pretend you are somewhere else on the continent! 

4. Take the opportunity to give your attic a good sort out and declutter.  It may be raining outside, but its dry inside....I say get cracking!  Joanne from Systematic Homes in Hitchin offers a fantastic service doing just this.  The thought of tackling my attic has at times been far too daunting...but as I type, Joanne is here helping me sort through the Kelly clutter and despite the weather outside, I am feeling lighter and certainly far happier than I was this morning! 

Despite the rain, Joanne and I have smiles on our faces as we declutter!

Despite the rain, Joanne and I have smiles on our faces as we declutter!

5. Ok, I hear you...I know the prospect of spending the entire summer holidays inside with children desperate to let off steam is not much of a relaxing thought!  But, how about taking the opportunity to switch of the technology, gather the family and bring out ye olde board games. Its a great way to spend quality family time and catch up with old favourites such as Monopoly, Guess Who or Snakes & Ladders.   

6. Embrace the rain.  For one moment only...cut loose and run out in the rain bare footed.  Let the rain soak your skin.  Dance, run, slide and feel the energy in your body.  Then reward yourself with a lovely hot, bubbly bath!  Gorgeous!

Go beat those summer blues and just for today, enjoy whatever moment you create.

Rebecca x