Touch - A Powerful Yet Underrated Sense

As a Touch-Talk Therapy expert I combine touch therapies such as massage and reflexology with Transformation Coaching to enable my clients realise their limitless potential in both their personal and professional lives. 

Over many years, I have witnessed time and time again the power of human touch and how it can facilitate transformation at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level with my clients.

Physical touch is one of the most basic forms of communication and the most personally experienced of all sensations, yet possibly the least recognised of our five senses.  Our deepest thoughts and fears are communicated through touch.  This tactile sense joins together the awareness of ourselves and those around us. 

Our hands for example, are the most important and tactile instruments we possess.  Touch is an action which bridges the gulf that we develop between ourselves and others, and also our own ‘self’ and our own ‘bodies’.  Without touch we are wholly disconnected from ourselves and from others.

The simplest gesture such as touching a hand can communicate a thousand words…

As individuals we are all unique in responding to being touched and touching others and our skin serves as a demarcation providing a boundary between the ‘me’ and the ‘not me’.  

If we look at the linguistics around touch we can see how touch is a huge part of our everyday language suggesting that at some level we are aware of the importance of touch. 

Touchy - When our boundaries have been breached and we feel hurt or threatened as a result we can become ‘touchy’. 

Touched - For others there may be no breach of boundaries only love and harmony and therefore they feel ‘touched’. 

Out of touch - When we misjudge the feeling of one another, we risk being ‘out of touch’ and not up to date with what is going on.

Fine touch – We develop a ‘fine touch’ when we instill a sense of rapport, empathy and understanding. 

Touching - We refer to a deeply felt experience as ‘touching’.

Human touch - We say that someone has the ‘human touch’ when they connect with another in a compassionate or inspiring way.

Keep in touch - We also get in ‘touch’ or ‘contact’ with others.  We express a desire to ‘keep in touch’ with certain friends and loved ones.

Rubbing people up the wrong way - We also use expressions such as this when we annoy or frustrate others. 

Touch is a language which conveys meaning.  As a primitive mode of communication it frequently has meaning for an individual when no other form of communication does.  Skin is our first real medium of communication and it serves as our individual boundary and protector.  It is the expression of our inner feelings; it tells us and others how we feel emotionally. 

Touch therapies such as Massage and Reflexology are fantastic gateways to connect with a form of communication that is an expression of ourselves. Touch therapies can be a way in which we can express our inner most thoughts and identity. So much of who we are is locked away deep in our unconscious or held within the cells of our body. By accessing touch therapies, we can also access another expression of ourselves and in turn bring into sharp focus such that might be holding us back or limiting us in some way, both emotionally and physically. The power of touch is simply remarkable. The next time you touch someone, or someone touches you…consider this powerful form of communication as an expression of you and embrace it wholeheartedly.

Rebecca x

Rebecca Louise Kelly

Transformation Coach, Touch-Talk Therapy expert and Founder of Haelan Therapy

Rebecca Louise Kelly - Transformation Coach, Touch-Talk Therapy expert and Founder of Haelan Therapy

Rebecca Louise Kelly - Transformation Coach, Touch-Talk Therapy expert and Founder of Haelan Therapy