What is i-Revolution? The cogs, gears and wheels that constantly turn, creating your own reality!

The Branding:

i – Indiana; the inner transcendent perceptive eye; ‘i’ the inner self (you, me, I)

Revolution – The revolution of the cogs, gears and wheels that constantly turn creating our reality; Revolution from the inside out; Daring to stay wildly curious, free and true to yourself; always taking responsibility for your own wellbeing; questioning what doesn’t resonate; cohesive beingness and actions using all your own innate resources, abundantly fluid in change open to constantly evolving awareness and magik; Daring to dance in the pure delight and wonderful mystery of life; taking back your power to create the reality that you truly choose.


i Revolution Programmes:

My i Revolution programmes are highly transformative and catalytic essentially taking someone from their current reality of what they are experiencing in the body and every area of their life, stripping that reality into components to understand the stories, choices and paths that have brought them to where they are now, connecting the dots and reflecting back to them how they are wearing those stories and the ways in which they have impacted their current reality thus far. With that new awareness and clarity, the next stage will be to then help facilitate the new story to be written first with the power of word (intentions) then physically and dynamically through their bodies.

A powerful programme system (to be experienced as stand-alone or cohesively) which is wholly supportive and nurturing in essence to create a safe environment to be open and vulnerable which is crucial to discovering, de-coding and de-mystifying deep elements of themselves for the transformation into their new revolution.

There will be homework in between sessions to practise new tools learnt, mindset alignment, actions to follow through with after sessions depending on what’s unfolded, dreaming BIG with wild abandon setting cohesive intentions and observing their thoughts, actions and intuition. There will of course be lots of fun to be enjoyed throughout too 😊.

These programmes are pure extensions of my true will and wholly reflective of my story and journey. I have and continue to walk this path in every moment. Through the mystery I gain clarity, through the stillness I create dynamic movement and through silence I come out of hiding and unleash my own unprecedented revolution.

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I look forward to meeting you.

Indiana x

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