You're Not Stuck, Unless That's Your Story Of Course..

Ever felt like you are stuck in your life and body where by you feel like you are wading through treacle. lost, confused, paralysed by perceptions?


Does this feel painful for you emotionally and physically as you can feel weighed heavily to the ground by what feels like many real fears or reasons lashing you down?

What if you were able to cut through all the fears and stories that you were creating for yourself by shifting the way you look at whats unfolding and see right into the heart of what you have felt has enslaved you and held you back.

What if you could cut away the lashings that are holding you to the ground and see your life from a whole new perspective where you were able to not only see your horizons, but free your life and body from restraint and move dynamically in the direction of your goals?

This can manifest in our bodies and our lives with a sense of being stuck or stagnant. Our lives can start to feel like they are grinding to a halt which ironically can be much more uncomfortable to experience than facing and re-writing our stories.

When you choose to evolve out of your comfort zone you are now making footprints in the fresh snow...sailing into new uncharted seas, climbing over fresh new terrain and effectively traversing a brand new way of life simply from a shift in your perception in alignment with making the seemingly impossible tangible and real and absolutely within your grasp. 

Turn your potential into your reality and engage in the true magikal reality of seeing what’s possible and creating the right structures within yourself to support that; transforming who you are, to meet what you choose in the beautiful dance of co-created life.

Exciting times ...are you up to exploring a brand new way forward?

If you would like to know more about how i can help you grow through all your transitions, then please get in contact with me or click the link below to book onto a free 'i Revolution consultation'.

Indiana xx

Indiana Lou Lazuli, iRevolution Therapist

Indiana Lou Lazuli, iRevolution Therapist