Q&A Session: Read how Bekki Russell's life has changed since receiving healing input on a regular basis

Taking that step to honour yourself and receive healing on any level can be quite daunting.  It is often the fear of the unknown that stops people from taking that first step to book a consultation or appointment with us.  Haelan founder, Rebecca Louise Kelly sat down with Bekki Russell a long-standing and regular client, to discuss her journey with Haelan, her intial concern of not knowing where to go, to the input she receives with Reflexology and Transformation Coaching and how they have helped her to have a greater awareness of herself and her wellbeing.   Here's what they discussed...


Rebecca: What was your situation like before you came to Haelan Therapy?

Bekki: I felt stressed and I was in a bad place before I can to Haelan.   My husband and I had been trying for a third baby but were unsuccessful, my mum had recently passed away and a routine check-up had showed potentially serious abnormalities with my heart which resulted in being prescribed preventative medicine and further tests. 

Rebecca: What reservations if any did you have about coming to Haelan and taking part in our treatments?

Bekki: I realised that I needed to take time out to care for myself at a time in my life where I felt stressed and anxious yet unsure of which way to turn for help. 

Rebecca: What has the process of working with me, your therapist at Haelan been like?

Bekki: I really enjoy my sessions with you!  You are always so welcoming!  When I first met you, you suggested that I receive regular reflexology to help balance my body and alleviate the stress and anxiety that I was experiencing.  After just a few months I noticed a difference and so decided to become a Priority Client where I now receive reflexology on a monthly basis.  I love that my sessions always start with a consultation and I chat about where I am in that present moment, how I am feeling both physically and mentally and then set an intention of how I want to feel after the treatment.  It was during these consultations that I began to realise that these are always two different things; where I am when I arrive and how I want to feel after the treatment  and it was during these chats that I started to become aware of the link between how I was feeling emotionally and how my body was reacting.  It was at this point that I decided receive Transformation Coaching too.  My coaching sessions were remarkable and enabled me to explore what I was currently believing about myself that affected how I reacted to situations in my life such as how I was dealing with the death of my mum and how not being able to conceive was also leaving me feeling.  I truly believe that this opportunity to connect with emotions that I have been holding onto for many years has changed my life and the way I view the world. 

Rebecca: What is the one best results you’ve got for your treatment?

Bekki: Since coming to Haelan I believe the time that I have spent with you has enabled me to reduce my stress and anxiety and make some serious life decisions such as embracing my hobby of crocheting and turning it into a business.  But more importantly it has also helped my physical wellbeing too.  I am pleased to say that 2.5 years since my MRI results showed that I had a severe heart abnormality, my recent scan has shown that my heart has almost normal function.  My doctor has reduced my heart medication to the point that I am now being weaned off them and I no longer need any further scans.  I believe that my recovery has been fast tracked due to my sessions at Haelan which have allowed me to take time out and understand myself better.  I truly feel like a different person so it stands to reason that my body and mind will be different too.  You know when your consultant can't explain why you're better - "Errr, maybe sometimes problems just get better on their own..." If only they could recommend holistic therapies to patients, maybe we could all heal ourselves!!

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