You are what you eat...


As some of you already know, alongside offering various massage treatments at Haelan Therapy, I am also currently studying nutrition.  I’m passionate about the importance of nourishing our bodies with good, natural food and reaping the benefits of all that has to offer. The modern day diet is often one of convenience and as so many of us are juggling many aspects of work, family, friends etc., it is inevitable that we have a tendency to grab whatever we can and eat on the go without much consideration. Convenience foods are largely processed and often have little to no nutritional value. Moreover, if they are used as a replacement for the healthy food, our bodies' systems will suffer and disease will prevail.

Spiced Parsnip Soup - full of natural anti inflammatory properties and spices to warm the cockles of your heart

As my studies progress I will be incorporating nutritional guidance into my treatments, where requested. It is my belief that manual therapy, such as massage, and nutritional therapy go hand in hand to create the well oiled machine that is our body. They also combine to sustain the flow of energy we need to thrive, both physically and emotionally. When our bodies are healthy, so are our minds and with a strong sense of wellbeing that this combination delivers, well, the possibilities are endless!

SarahTomlin - Massage Therapist

I will be starting to post some simple meal ideas, nutritional information and helpful tips to stay healthy during the coming months and will eventually be offering nutritional therapy at Haelan. Exciting times ahead, please join me for the ride!

Sarah x