Q&A Session - Introduction to Meditation with Philip Storey


Here at Haelan Therapy, we are excited to announce that we are launching a brand-new meditation course starting in January 2018.  Haelan's founder, Rebecca Kelly sat down with our resident meditation teacher, Philip Storey to talk about what the course will cover, what students can expect to gain from coming along and why it's a little bit different to some of the other options out there. Here's what they discussed...

Rebecca: What prompted you to start an introductory course for meditation?

Philip: So many people want to meditate. However, knowing where or how to start can be the biggest obstacle. A lot of people start practicing alone with apps or through reading books, but find that challenges come up along the way and they may not have an outlet to ask questions or the support to get back on track. It's when people arrive at these obstacles, where support and community can really help. I wanted to create something where people can really come and focus on learning and practicing meditation with others, in a small group because in my experience this is how we get the most from exploring meditation.

Rebecca: What does the course cover?

Philip: This introductory course covers everything you need to learn and explore meditation. Students who get started with meditation make it a routine in their life that they really look forward to each day.  We are going to explore the fundamentals of meditation including techniques for preparing, sitting and breathing correctly. Each week we will learn and practice a new form of meditation that each of us will continue to practice at home for the duration of that week.  When students graduate, they will have a toolbox of new skills and experiences with meditation that they can dip into as they continue their practice thereafter.

Rebecca: What can students expect to gain from the course, beyond simply learning more about meditation?

Philip: Those that attend, will begin to understand themselves better. Students often say they feel more connected with themselves, they feel calmer when going about their everyday lives. Many say that they start to understand some of the emotions that come up in their lives and feel as though they are able to deal with things that challenge them, more easily. 

Rebecca: Why is this course different from other courses?

Philip: There are lots of things that make this course little bit different.  Firstly and most importantly, this course is conducted in the healing environment of Haelan Therapy. This means that we follow the same healing methods that you will encounter with any other Haelan experience, providing a safe and open environment for you to explore meditation and any feelings or emotions that come up along the way.

Secondly, the structure of the course is relatively unique. We will learn and practice together in a small group each week and each student will be given a meditation partner that rotates each time we meet. The purpose of this is to enable each student to have a personal, one-to-one and group experience of meditation each week. Further to this, each student is invited to join the course community online. This means that each attendee can continue to work with the group, share their progress and experiences and ask me and the other attendees questions whenever they arise. Once the course finishes, attendees will be able to remain in this community and join the Haelan meditation alumni online community to further and deepen their meditation practice.

Rebecca: Who is this course for and who will benefit?

Philip: The introduction to meditation five-week course is designed for most levels of meditation experience. You don't need to be able to sit in lotus pose or be a yogi! All you need is an interest in meditation. You don't need any experience with meditation either - I will guide you every step of the way.   Students that will benefit most are those that are new to meditation, those that would like to make meditation a daily practice and for those that have meditated previously, but for whatever reason it isn't part of your daily routine any longer.

Rebecca: When is it, how much is it and how can people sign up?

Phil Storey Temporar.jpg

Philip: The course starts on Sunday, January 21st at 6pm and runs for five weeks at the same time and day each week. It’s just £45 for the entire course. To sign up CLICK HERE or to enquire CLICK HERE. We’d love to see you on the course.