Keep Calm and do Pilates

So it's the new year - wooohoooo - and like so many people I have been making a plan to start my year feeling healthy, vibrant and strong.   As part of Haelan's partnership with The Pilates Pod, Michelle and I have challenged ourselves to incorporate each others passions into our lives over the next 6 months.  Me: Pilates, Michelle: Holistic Therapy - so what better way to kick start my plan off than a Pilates session.

Yesterday was all about the 'Rolling like a ball' and saw my second 1-2-1 Pilates session at the Pod using the Reformer and mat work.  Taken by Clair and aided by my daughter Emilia (who loves to get involved too), I worked on my body's alignment literally from the ground up - starting with my feet!  I have found out, since starting at The Pod, that my ankles particularly my right one, are misaligned and that this is having quite an affect on my posture and in particular my knees.  I have suffered with knee issues every since I was quite young, so this was really interesting to hear and made a lot of sense.   Claire introduced me to an apparatus called the Foot Corrector which literally does what it says on the tin and works to correct the alignment of the foot, which in turn corrects the alignment of the rest of the body.

Along with 'rolling like a ball' and lots of laughs using the Reformer, Emilia and I had a lot of fun at the Pod.  I came away walking at least an inch taller than I arrived, feeling stronger in my core and with an insight into why my body is aligned the way it is and a plan as to how I can begin to correct it.  Not bad for an hours 1-2-1 session!

I invite anyone with an interest in Pilates or with a want to try it out to take advantage of our 15% discount offer.  From January to June, ALL Haelan clients can receive a 15% discount on Pilates sessions.  Please click here to find out more.

Until my next Pilates session!

Rebecca x