National Physical Therapy Month


Well here we are in October and safely tucked away into autumn, which is one of my favourite months namely because I love Halloween yay! It also happens to be Physical Therapy Month! An ideal time to honour and celebrate the amazing transformative healing powers of physical therapy! A way to draw awareness to the realms of seeking pain and realignment management with physical therapy as a safer and more effective approach versus the long term use of pain killers. There is a definite place for medical intervention and for pain killers to ease discomfort and inflammation. However, where possible it should be avoided for long term use if it is something which can be treated using a hands on approach to identify and alleviate the actual source of the issue, as opposed to masking the symptoms. Here at Haelan Therapy we have an incredible variety of physical therapies including ‘No Hands’ massage, Dynamic Body Realignment, reflexology and facial therapies which can either compliment medical protocol or replace it depending on the nature of the condition.

In my experience, I have found that an increasing number of people are trying to find other methods to help with pain management, as for many reasons including addiction and side affects their bodies are reacting to taking pills and of course the original issues aren’t going away, leaving them to re-surface at any time. Clients seek me out as they have heard that many issues including years of chronic conditions such as sciatica, fibromyalgia, persistent joint and muscular problems have been successfully treated with hands on deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation and soft tissue release.  Dynamic Body Realignment in particular is a definite ‘go to’ to identify and address the problems that affect our daily lives and ultimately delivers back to you the freedom to enjoy life, reducing the need for medical intervention. My main driving mission behind my therapy is to alleviate, transform and eradicate where possible any pain or discomfort using my blend of holistic physical therapy as nature intended. I am very passionate and committed to help you transform anything physically holding you back from your goals and the life you love.

In light of this very important topic close to my heart, I have put together a deal to really get to the heart of the matter. For anyone suffering with niggles and aches, do not fear because I have particular accelerated success within just 6 sessions of the healing journey, therefore I am offering a fantastic deal.

Book 5 sessions in advance and get them at a reduced price of £50 each and also get the 6th one absolutely FREE! Yes! That’s 6 Dynamic Body Realignment sessions for just £250! That’s a saving of £80! 

So don’t get spooked out this month contact Indiana at Haelan Therapy for more information! I don’t bite! ….hard Mu hahahaha!


Dynamic Body Realignment