And we're there...!


Wow what a few weeks it has been!  But I am so pleased and proud to announce that today we finally open the doors to the new look Haelan Therapy at 30a Bucklersbury, Hitchin.  Today - Monday 7th November - is officially the first day in our new Holistic Therapy Centre!  Wooohoooo!  Roll out the bunting and strike up the band.  The Haelan Team are in town!

It has been a remarkable journey over the last few years; from being a fledgling therapist to having this little idea that maybe, just maybe I could create and develop a business that would allow people the opportunity to access different healing modalities delivered in a unique way which ultimately allows them to become the best they need to be, not only for themselves, but those around them too.  At Haelan we believe in connection and relationships first.  Get that right and well the rest is just about you, our clients, experiencing amazing treatments.   You know what...I think we're pretty much there.

As I sit here and take a moment to reflect, I feel an abundance of joy in my heart.  I have an incredible team of people around me who have enabled this opportunity to grow Haelan to happen.  There are so many people to thank, that I know if I begin to make a list I will end up forgetting someone.  But I know that you know if you have played even the smallest part in my journey to create what Haelan is today.  So THANK YOU.  Perhaps you have looked after Reuben and Emilia to allow Andy and I to go [yet again!] to the rooms to put up a light or paint a wall.  Maybe you've helped to proof read my endless reams of text.  Or perhaps you have just been an ear to bend or a shoulder to lean on when the going has gotten a little tough. I know, I bet you're the person who has shared our posts about the work we do.  Actually maybe you're the person who helped guide me in the right direction when I had to get all legal eagle with contracts and solicitors (totes not my strength zone!).   In fact, you're probably the person who saw me in the playground looking vacant and not with it and just asked if I was ok and gave me a hug.  Actually, maybe you're Andy my husband, who quite frankly has been a flippin' rock throughout this whole process! No, I're one of the amazing Haelan therapists who have been absolute stars and painted for hours on end or cleaned yet another window or schlepped around town delivering our leaflets!  Whoever you are, and whatever the role you have played...a MASSIVE THANKS to you all.  I honestly couldn't have done it without you.

So...we're LIVE peeps.  Please do come and visit us and try out one of our treatments; from massage to reflexology to facials to transformational healing to life coaching...we believe we have something for everyone.  You may or may not be aware that we have a half price promotion on at the moment so you can access all of our treatments at a fraction of the cost during November and December.  Please visit this PAGE and make your booking today.  We'd love to see you. 

We will also be holding our Open Day on Saturday 10th December from 11am until 5pm  as part of the Bucklersbury Day, so if you haven't had an opportunity to book in before then, do come along and see us for a glass of mulled wine and a chat.

So it's onwards and upwards.    Here's to the success of Haelan.

Much love

Rebecca x