Haelan's never far from my thoughts!

Wherever I am in the world Haelan is never far from my thoughts. I'm currently in Paris with my husband celebrating a milestone birthday and anniversary. We're staying at a gorgeous boutique spa hotel called La Belle Juliette (www.labellejuliette.com) and of course in the name of research I've just had to try out some of their treatments!!  Let's just call it a perk of my job!

To be honest I'm not great with treatments these days as I find it hard to relax...not because I don't want to or can't even (you know how much of an advocate I am of relaxing and switching off), but because I've always got one ear on what they are doing because if I like it...I want to bring it back into my therapy room to try it out on you gorgeous lot!!

However this time I thought I'd try a treatment I'm not actually trained in...and boy did I relax. I think I woke up snorting...always a good sign for the therapist! Although I dozed through most of the treatment, what it did confirm to me is that even if there is a language barrier (let's just say my French is a little wooly!) the importance of rapport between client and therapist is key. From the moment she met me she ensured my every need was catered for even if this meant gesticulating and talking in pigeon French and English at times...between the two of us, we got there. Definitely a treatment to remember. Bliss... Bonsoir Haelan peeps xxx

The spa at La Belle Juilette