Drum roll please....

I am SO, SO, SO excited to announce (and I am literally bursting at the seams as I type) that after much discussion and lots of thought, I am going to be opening a second therapy room for two days a week atLearning to Listen - South's centre in association with Learning To Listen.

Learning to Listen (LTL) provides leadership, team and individual Equine Facilitated Coaching opportunities and runs a charity Autism Angels Ltdwhich supports families and professionals with children on the autism spectrum. You may already be familiar with these organisations as I have been one third of the team involved in setting up the southern arm of LTL and have shared posts and talked about it here previously.

Learning to Listen's Southern centre is based in the rural surroundings of East Hall Farmhouse (just outside of Hitchin in St Pauls Walden) and offers a tranquil retreat for all your healing needs. As part of the LTL umbrella, Haelan Therapy will be offering a full range of treatments including transformational coaching, massage, reflexology and reiki along with some new exciting treatments too.

Oh and it doesn't stop there...new treatments can only mean one thing....but that is all for another post so I'll keep you on your toes for a little while longer!

In the meantime if you would like to book in for a treatment the therapy room at Learning to Listen will be open from the second week in September. Simply comment below, inbox me or email me at rebecca@haelantherapy.co.uk to register your interest. Not to confuse you though, the therapy room in the centre of Hitchin on Lancaster Avenue will still very much be open too!

If you would like more information about Learning to Listen or Autism Angels please visit www.learningtolisten.co.uk or www.autismangels.co.ukrespectively.

I am so excited to share this with you all and introduce this wonderful opportunity to you. I am feeling incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to expand my business and work in association with an organisation that has my heart and that I truly believe in.

Thank you for your continued support xxx