Transformational Therapy

Transformational Coaching (75mins)- £95


Are you at a stage in your life where you are asking WHY a lot?  Why am I behaving the way I am?  Why am I in this position when I want to be in THAT position?  Why does this keep happening to me right now?   Why am I not doing what I really WANT to be doing?  If you answer YES to one or all of these questions then you may wish to consider sessions in Transformational Coaching.  Simply put, Transformational Coaching is the awakening of who you really are.  Working with your coach, each session will help to facilitate you in the uncovering and unleashing of your full potential whether it is in your working environment, your personal life or your relationships.  It is about creating your BEST life yet.

Equine Facilitated Coaching (75mins) - £95


Equine Facilitated Coaching (EFC) is an emerging field in the world of personal development.  It is unique in the way it uses horse to help people work through their problems, issues and fears.  Horses have a great intuitive ability to mirror our energy and can communicate this through their body language.  In the same way that Transformational Coaching can truly awaken who you really are and where you want to be, EFC takes this one step further allowing for ‘in the moment feedback’ from the horse to the client.  The wisdom of the horse is second to none.   Sessions are truly powerful and transformational.  As trained Equine Facilitated Coaches, Rebecca and Jo work in association with Learning to Listen to provide EFC sessions at our centre in St Paul's Walden.  Click HERE for further information.

Dynamic Life Realignment (60mins) - £55

Have you ever wondered why you experience repeating patterns of relationships or cycles of challenges in your life? Why certain people and situations come into your life at a particular time or disappear when you least expect it? Have you ever considered that there may be a deeper purpose or reason to these repeating experiences? Through the use of Tarot cards, Dynamic Life Realignment creates a doorway enabling you to discover exactly what you are creating for yourself in every area of your life. This powerful insight reveals the bigger picture allowing for a fresh new perspective on your life. For centuries, people have been drawn to and intrigued by the mysterious power of the Tarot cards as a doorway to the soul. Dynamic Life Realignment leverages that ancient power by revealing answers that already lay hidden deep within you playing back to you your deep knowing with clarity and direction. If you are ready to step up and take back the power and driving force of your life, then this is the perfect dynamic path for you.