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To take some precious time to recoup, to heal, and to just be. I don’t think I could recommend a more perfect space or people to create just that....
— Jo, St Pauls Walden
Receiving a treatment from Becks or Jo is no ordinary experience, they are highly skilled, intuitive therapists capable of providing shifts at both an emotional and physical level. You will be greeted with an open heart and offered the space to relax, heal and transform. A truly wonderful gift- thank you ladies.
— Sarah, Harrogate
What an experience. Can honestly say I felt at home from the moment I walked through the door. A fantastic service, wonderful ladies and would definitely recommend them to everyone I know. Can’t wait to return. WOW xx
— Lin Jane

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Transformational Massage

Rebecca is amazing. I felt like I was walking on air after a massage session with her. My back was pain free and I could live my life to its fullest. Thank you for being so brilliant at what you do.
— Kasia, Hitchin
As a fellow therapist I struggle to relax when having a treatment myself. Rebecca is the one therapist who manages to get me to zone out completely. I’ve found the consultation at the beginning of the session almost as useful as the massage itself. A massive thumbs up from me. Everyone should try a massage at Haelan.
— Laura, Hitchin
I can’t speak highly enough of the ‘no-hands massage’. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and Rebecca is a wonderfully nurturing and knowledgeable therapist. It has been two days since my treatment and a shoulder problem which has been bothering me for weeks, has disappeared, leaving me feeling light and free, which is exactly what I wanted. The therapy room at St Paul’s Walden is a lovely, tranquil space in a glorious countryside setting. For anyone thinking about giving this treatment a go, don’t delay. You definitely won’t regret it
— Tracey, Hitchin
The perfect massage session at the perfect time. Haelan Therapy makes life’s country lanes with its unexpected pot holes and blind corners, make much more sense.
— Julie, Hitchin

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Dynamic Body Realignment

I had an amazing treatment with Indiana today, not only was the treatment wonderful and relaxing, Indiana herself is a very experienced therapist who I would highly recommend. Thank you x
— Victoria Andrews, Hitchin
I had a body realignment massage with Indy, bought for me a present and my first massage for years. I loved it. Indy took time to understand if I had any aches and pains, put me completely at ease and then went to work. It wasn’t a gentle body rub, this was focused effort with the right pressure where needed. I left feeling great and still feel better as I write this 4 days later. I highly recommend it.
— Andy Bradford, Hitchin

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Holistic Massage

Thanks so much to Sarah for a great massage treatment. Such a lovely therapists I would recommend to anyone.
— Nicola Rodgers, Hitchin
My holistic massage with Karenanne was exactly what I needed. She asked me what I wanted from her and work really hard to meet my needs. I can honestly say I went in with lots of aches and tension. When I left there wasn’t a knot to be found. such a lovely space too. I look forward to trying other treatments.
— Melanie Mawji, HItchin


I have been coming to Haelan Therapy for over a year now for Reflexology. The treatment room is quite simply a welcoming haven from the stresses of day to day life. Rebecca is professional, warm and caring. She has your needs and welfare at heart and I always feel relaxed and nurtured.
— Pippa, Hitchin
I recently had my first experience of Reflexology at Haelan Therapy and it was fabulous! I couldn’t believe how relaxed and calm I felt and even now, after having the session, I feel I am able to relax more than I did before. I shall certainly be treating myself to some more sessions!
— Bekki, Hitchin

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Transformational Healing

For a while I had been feeling a little stuck with personal direction, a little clouded with my thinking and struggling with my self esteem too. It’s so easy these days to “put on a brave face” and “battle on through with a smile” but we rarely allow ourselves to look beyond our physical body and listen into our deeper, energy layers. Having the time to dig into how we are truly and honestly feeling, is so precious. The emotions and energies that Jo has picked up on have been in total alignment with situations and emotional happenings going on in my day to day life. After each session, I have had a greater sense of clarity, of self compassion and assurance in my life’s direction. Also giving me things to think about and put into practice between each session.

We can go to a spa and eat healthy foods to look after our physical body, we can meditate and practise yoga to look after our mental bodies, but we do not spend enough time looking after our energy bodies.

Over the past few months of seeing Jo, I have come into a new, fulfilling relationship, I have had considerably less trouble with eating disorder struggles, I have had greater confidence in my businesses, and therefore seeing financial benefit too. Energy healing sessions are something everyone absolutely needs to experience. I am so grateful.
— Pip Johnson, Hitchin
I was referred to Jo after suffering from anxiety and bereavement and felt extremely trapped in myself. I knew I needed to release this but just felt like I had nowhere to turn.

My first session was out of this world and I had the most mind blowing experience. As soon as I stepped through the door I knew I was in the right place. Jo has helped me no end and I have referred so many people due to the trust I have in her and her magical powers!!!. Thank you so much Jo.
— Louise Collins, Hitchin
“Energy Therapy” delivered by Jo absolutely powerful experience. Moving the soul through different forms of energy stimulation from music, essences, crystals, intentions, prayers, etc that could transport you to different parts of your Self to gently heal and streghthen body and soul. And Jo beautiful presence makes the experience even richer. I would recommend giving “Energy Therapy” a try and to give it a chance to have it more than once.
— Sandra Ortil Ortiz, HItchin

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I first met Jo nearly a year ago when I was going through a difficult time. Jo asked if I’d like to have a go at experiencing Reiki Therapy and I must admit I was sceptical but gave it a go. Jo has always made me feel that I was in a comfortable, calming and trusting environment where I could relax. Through Reiki I started feeling the benefits; mentally, emotionally and physically. At present I feel centred, calm and at peace, which has only been possible through the sheer knowledge Jo has in Reiki and Energy Therapy. If there is anyone out there who feels sceptical and is not quite sure, just like me at the beginning, don’t be. Book yourself in for a treatment and experience the fantastic benefits it will bring. I myself will remain firmly on ‘the couch’ whist I continue my journey with Haelan Therapy and Learning to Listen. A big thank you goes out to Jo and Haelan Therapy for letting me experience the benefits of Reiki whilst being in the company of some truly inspirational people xx
— Susanne, Stevenage
Thank you for such a wonderful first experience with reiki. The setting at the Learning to Listen Centre was absolutely beautiful. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Jo made me feel totally at ease and is amazing at what she does. I left feeling a lot lighter both mentally and physically. I’ll definitely be back. Can’t recommend you ladies enough.
— Sarah, Northants
I will definitely be returning to see Jo for some more in depth reiki sessions. The taster I had got me hooked and I am intrigued! A much needed, very peaceful experience. Thank you
— Paula, Welwyn

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Holistic Facial

I can highly recommend the holistic facial with Sam. She took the time to work out exactly what I needed and chose the products with care. It was an extremely relaxing experience and I am still feeling the benefits of the facial three days later.
— Danni Weetman, Ickleford
I just wanted to say thank you to Sam for introducing me to the Holistic Facial. Not only was it everything I would expect and hope for in a ‘normal’ facial - it felt luxurious and indulgent and my skin was left glowing - but more than that, it was a beautiful relaxing experience that I am still feeling the benefits of several days later. Sam took the time to talk to me about what I wanted from the facial, not just for my skin but also in myself, and to explain what would happen and what products she would use which I think really helped me to switch off and relax. The arm and hand massage while the face mask went to work was just fantastic. I would definitely recommend this treatment, and Sam, to anyone.
— Marie Gill, Hitchin
I recently had a facial with Sam. It was amazing. Sam was lovely and I completely relaxed. Her manner was lovely and truthfully was the best treatment I have ever had. It did not feel rushed, she was very methodical and I thoroughly relaxed. All I can say is book in and try one of the treatments at Haelan Therapy. I will be visiting again
— Pauline Gleeson-Shiakalli, Hitchin

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Transformational Coaching

Coaching with Rebecca has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I came to her weighed down with frustration and anxiety about my career, not really understanding why. Within three sessions, we’d explored aspects of my past and personality that I never realised had such an impact on the way I approach things. There was genuinely that eureka moment when I realised how everything fitted together, and since then I’ve completely changed my outlook. I now feel excited about grabbing life with both hands, rather than worrying and obsessing about my place in the world. My colleagues and family have both noticed a huge change in me, and my work and relationships have improved massively as a result. Having spent years feeling daunted about life, there is nothing more exhilarating than waking up each day feeling positive and excited instead.
— Anon, London
Life coaching with Jo has been an ‘Eureka’ moment for me. To sound a bit cliché I had hit the big 40 and was starting to wonder “what next?”. I had also started to realise certain repetitive behaviour that wasn’t doing me or my family any favours. A health scare in 2015 gave me the catalyst to look into life coaching and a friend recommended Haelan Therapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect to begin with but Jo patiently explained about its benefits and how it worked. She was very reassuring; knowing when to ask poignant questions and when to listen. The first few sessions were all about getting to know the ‘real me’ and to be honest there were tears, emotions and elation. Using this knowledge and with Jo’s help I’ve managed to work out what’s important to me and the goals I would like to achieve in the short and long term. As a result I feel a lot more ‘at peace’, empowered and positive and overall really pleased I’ve started on this journey.
— Anon, Lilley
Jo Osborn is amazing, I have seen Jo regularly in the past 6 months for both energy healing and equine therapy and the results have been life changing. Jo instantly put me at ease and I trust her implicitly, she took the time to really understand how I felt and worked with me to enable me to find the missing link that had stopped me from getting on with my life. I am a different person now, truly happy and contented and raring to embark on my next adventure. I will continue to visit Haelan Therapy as they offer a wide range of treatments to suit all individuals including children, I cannot praise them enough and thoroughly recommend Haelan therapy for their confidential care, professionalism and excellent results.
— Jill Bartram

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Equine Facilitated Coaching

My equine coaching sessions have been a real mind-opener, and have played an important part in me making some big decisions. Rebecca is a warm and welcoming person, making you feel at ease and at home straight away, and I can not recommend Haelan and Rebecca enough!
— Guro, Hitchin
I started Equine Facilitated Coaching with Rebecca because I was at a crossroads in my career and needed some direction. I didn’t fully realise how powerful my first session would be until the horse, beautiful Bow, started actually mirroring how I was feeling in her behaviour, which helped hold up a mirror to my own self-limiting beliefs. With that new insight Rebecca guided me through an amazing journey and in three sessions I came out with a practical, thoughtful plan on how to move forward, and I’m already reaping the benefits of it now just a few weeks later. It’s also funny to think I was scared of horses: Bow seemed enormous and imposing when I first met her, but at the end of the session she seemed smaller and even nurturing, as she gently nudged my arm with her nose affectionately. Thanks Bow but thanks Rebecca for enlightening me and bringing a positive new force to my career.
— Zoë, Hitchin

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A Touch of Everything

I had ‘A Touch of Everything’ full body massage with hot stones with Karenanne and it was wonderful. She even gave me some really helpful hints and tips when I asked her about a family member who is unwell. I’ll definitely be returning and highly recommend to anyone wanting some ‘me time’
— Jenny, Hitchin
My session with Karenanne was incredible; literally life changing for me. Residual pain in my shoulder has not been felt since, which is such a relief. I’ve never had a therapist who was so incredibly dedicated to what they were doing. I could feel the energy and concentration. Such a wonderful experience. I do believe I may have fallen asleep at the end!!
— Liz Dimmock Barrett, Hitchin
I would like to thank you for my Touch of Everything treatment. I have never had such a combination of treatments that suited my needs. The music was very tranquil and a blessing as the words meant so much to me. The advise you have given has been taken on board. I’m so impressed that you knew my body just by doing my treatment.
— Raj Clarke, Henlow

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Transformational Touch-Talk Therapy

I am not sure I can fully express how much Rebecca has helped me! Through her excellent massage therapy and life coaching skills, as well as always considering me as a whole, she has been able to guide me through overcoming deeper emotional issues that have impacted on my mental and physical health.
— Anon, Hitchin
I embarked on the combined treatment after really feeling a positive benefit from my pre-treatment consultations with Rebecca. Her warm, open personality combined with the peaceful surroundings of her treatment room are a big part of that. The coaching session always brings up so much to think about that it is lovely to follow it immediately with a treatment to give everything time to sink in whilst in a calm and peaceful environment – making sure it doesn’t get forgotten in the ‘busy-ness’ of everyday life. Since starting the sessions I’ve been able to address some historic issues with self-confidence and have already noticed a massive improvement in my relationships and communication with others, but most importantly in how I feel within myself.
— Anon, Hitchin

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Priority Client Scheme

The Priority Client scheme means that I don’t even have to think about setting aside time for myself — it’s just there, every month, and that hour at Haelan is something I know I can look forward to. Looking after myself if something I find really easy to let slide, so the commitment to coming to Haelan once a month is a promise to myself that I won’t let that happen. It makes all the difference.
— Pippa, Tring
I’ve experienced huge benefit from regular massage treatments with Rebecca and the Haelan Priority Client Scheme during my training program, not only from a physical perspective, but also from a restorative standpoint. Year-round training is hard work, often repetitive with serious mental motivation required to get out of bed on a cold winter’s morning. Maintaining suppleness, muscular health and mental wellbeing are vital and the regular sessions with Rebecca have been invaluable in sustaining that equilibrium.
— James, Ickleford
I first went to see Rebecca for a No Hands massage to get me through some aches during marathon training. I thought a session or two would do the trick, but I loved them so much; Rebecca’s caring, understanding eyes in our pre-massage chat, the feeling of knots being smoothed away like never before, and the airy feeling of floating on a cloud as I left took me beyond the marathon (and a PB time!) and I became a priority client. I love knowing I’m only ever a few weeks away from that feeling and the direct debit eases any feelings of guilt or indulgence because money comes out without me even having to think about it. It’s worth every penny for my physical and mental state because my monthly massages with Rebecca enrich my life.
— Zoë, Hitchin
Massage is just a part of my life now. It is my maintenance; my way of preserving me.
— Victoria, Ickleford.

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