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What do others have to say about Biomagnetic Neuropsychology?

“I have recently had Biomagnetic Neuropsychology.  I had no idea what to expect but it sounded like it might help me with my anxiety and disordered thinking processes (and I’ll try anything once).  It wasn’t like any treatment I’ve ever had before but it was *Phenomenal*.  Once we were finished Faye wrote up some notes for me to take away and while she was writing I realised my brain was working differently. It was like it was instantly identifying unhealthy thoughts and putting a stop sign in front of them and forcing me to process them in a more sensible and rational way. Faye likened it to a well trodden path in a field and that the treatment goes in like a lawnmower and cuts a new path and over time as you use the new path the old path becomes overgrown and finally isn’t used anymore. If you have ever suffered from bad anxiety disorder then this will make total sense to you and will sound like the Holy Grail. Try it. Don’t waste any time thinking about if it’s nonsense or not. It isn’t and it works.  Thank you thank you Faye  x”
— Laura Martin, Hitchin
Trust the process because Neuro does work…

I knew neuro would be affective but I was so surprised at how quickly it has worked. I felt completely at ease and within only 2 sessions I have begin to view aspects of my life in a completely different way. I felt a sense of freedom like that has been a huge shift in me.
— Amy Huggins