One-to-One Meditation - £55

The opportunity to learn and master or grow and develop your meditation skills in a session tailored exclusively to your needs

  • Do you want to explore meditation on a one-to-one basis?
  • Are you intrigued by meditation but do not want to have your first experience within a group setting?
  • Perhaps you want to simply learn at your own individual pace?
  • Are you an experienced meditator looking to get back into the swing of it?

However you wish to journey with meditation, Haelan Therapy is here to support your practice with one-to-one sessions.  Held exclusively every Tuesday at our St Paul's Walden therapy room at a time of your choice, you will have the opportunity to learn and master meditation. Whether this will be your first meditation or you’re an experienced meditator, every session is tailored just for you. 

What can you expect from a one-to-one meditation session?

Your first session will be longer than all of your follow up session so that our teacher Philip Storey can get to know you better and build out a programme that is specially tailored to you.

Every time you meet your teacher you will practice meditations for one hour.  But don’t worry – that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll only meditate in that time. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn new techniques, explore tools and mindful ways of living, discover new ways of dealing with difficult situations and adversity and really get to grips with how to embody meditation into your life, no matter how busy or little time you may have.

Here’s some of the meditation techniques that we teach in our one-to-one sessions:

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing techniques
  • Pranayama
  • Vipassana
  • Walking meditation
  • Chanting (spiritual singing)
  • OSHO teachings
  • Eckhart Tolle teachings

Benefits of a One-to-One Meditation session

Here are some of the benefits and direct impacts that learning meditation with Haelan Therapy can have. Remember every session is created around exactly what you want to achieve, so if any of these are areas you feel would help, please share this with Philip.  One-to-one meditation sessions can help you to:

  • Learn how to better deal with stress
  • Find ways to improve sleep
  • Discover how to create a healthier structure to your day
  • Increase your resilience in difficult situations
  • Combat stress and return to your true self-state
  • Safely confront anxiety or depression with positivity and proactivity
  • Get whatever you need in that moment – if you come to class and you’d like to explore something in that moment, that’s exactly what one-to-one classes are for

However, if there is a specific meditation technique that you would like to learn, please just let us know.

Before you go...

Not sure if one-to-one meditation classes are for you, or just want to find out a little more before jumping into a class? Why not book a free mini-meditation and consultation with our resident meditation teacher Philip Storey. To book your free mini-meditation class and consultation, click here.

**Please note that if you would like to enquire about one-to-one meditation classes on days other than Tuesday or at our Hitchin therapy rooms, please get in touch HERE.

What do others have to say about One-to-One Meditation sessions?

I have recently returned to meditation practice. My 121 sessions with Philip have enabled me to reconnect with myself and grow in confidence too. Through his guidance I have learnt new techniques and skills which will truly enhance my own private practice too.
— Anon,
Having never meditated before in my life, but hearing and seeing reference to it all over my social media feed and in conversations with my friends, I knew I had to give it a try. I was nervous to take part in meditation practice in a group so a session tailored to my needs was just what I needed. Philip is a wonderful teacher. If you are new to meditation then I would highly recommend his personalised sessions.
— Teresa Short, Luton