Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness- £175

4-week meditation and mindfulness immersion course which will enable you to understand the principles of meditation


Haelan Therapy are delighted to present a brand new, four-week unique course which we are adding to our selection of meditation and mindfulness offerings.

What makes it unique? This new course takes you on a personal development journey with meditation and mindfulness. We start with a three-hour in-person workshop at the beginning of week 1 to learn the fundamentals and meet your fellow students. We then work together in an online community for the next month, with a weekly meditation and mindfulness programme, regular briefings and live sessions with your teacher, not to mention comprehensive ongoing support throughout the programme from your fellow students and your teacher. It is a full immersion into meditation and mindfulness, giving you everything you need to explore embody these skills into your life.

Launching in July 2018, the course enables each participant to understand the principles of meditation, learn various breathing techniques and practice a variety of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Graduates will have the option to deepen their practice and extend their learning with Haelan Therapy through other learning options, after the course is completed.

The course structure

Week 1:    In-person three-hour deep-dive session (at our treatment rooms)

Week 2 – 4:    Online weekly and daily practice, available in your own time and at your convenience

Week 4:    In-person three-hour deep-practice, discussion and Q&A session (at our treatment rooms)

Each week, students will learn a variety of new skills and techniques, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions and contribute within the online learning group. After the first deep-dive session, you will practice at home in your own time, with the full support of your teacher and fellow students in our online environment.

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in mindfulness and meditation at any level of experience. Those that will benefit most, are:

  • First timers that are curious about meditation & mindfulness and how it might benefit them
  • Beginners who want to learn how to meditate regularly
  • Those that have tried meditation before, but stopped or struggled with regular practice
  • Those that prefer to meditate with others and want to learn and practice more frequently
  • Those that find it challenging to stick with a regular meditation practice of their own
  • And those that want to experience a little bit of Haelan each week

 Benefits & outcomes

This course will enable you to:

  • Improve your concentration, relax more deeply and replenish energy levels
  • Find balance and understand the mind and emotions
  • Counter stress and cultivate inner peace
  • Establish your own, regular meditation practice (even if you’re very busy)

Course dates, location and fee

Weekday course times:

The course begins on 17th July and will be held at our therapy rooms in Hitchin, Hertfordshire . The course ends on 12th August and will be held at the same location. Sessions starts at 10am, lasting approximately three hours.

Weekend course times:

The course begins on 15th July and will be held at our therapy rooms in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. The course ends on 14th August and will be held at the same location.  Each session starts at 5pm, lasting approximately three hours. 

Course fees

The course fee is £175 for the entire course, including both of the three-hour, in-person sessions and all of the ongoing teaching and support you’ll receive online.

About your teacher – Philip Jon Storey


Hi, I’m Philip and I teach meditation at Haelan Therapy. I came to meditation through my own journey with life’s stresses and strains. Working in the city as a director of a large technology company, I was seeking to find the answer to “what does freedom from stress feel like?”, I became interested in meditation, trying various apps and podcasts. A few months on, I was invited to meditate with friends in a small group. As I practiced more, I felt the stress leave me. My focus, balance and harmony was restoring and I felt better every day. This is when meditation became a regular practice for me.

Since then, I have deepened my practice in various parts of the world, including San Francisco, Thailand and Vietnam. It was in Vietnam, after three weeks of one-to-one meditation practice for many hours each day, that I realised I wanted to share meditation through teaching others. I have been teaching ever since, and I am delighted to be a part of the Haelan team, to share the learning and practice of meditation and mindfulness with others. Since then, I have trained as a reiki practitioner with Haelan Therapy (master teacher level).

I hope to see you on one of our meditation courses soon!

Want to learn meditation on a one-to-one level?

Great! We offer one-to-one meditation classes every Tuesday at our therapy rooms in the tranquil surroundings of St Paul’s Walden near Hitchin, Hertfordshire. To find out more about one-to-one meditation classes at Haelan Therapy, click HERE.



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