Colour Therapy - £55

Balance and enhance your body and mind by using the colours of the light spectrum  

  • Do you find yourself feeling out of sorts?
  • Are you affected emotionally or physically by the environment around you?
  • Do you feel off-colour?

How often do you use the term ‘I feel off colour?’  This is often a good sign that parts of our body are not functioning to their optimum energetic frequencies leaving us feeling off balance, out of sorts or generally under the weather.  Colour Therapy is a natural, powerful and non-invasive system of healing that uses the therapeutic energy of the seven colours of the light spectrum.  It is a holistic therapy with a history as far back as ancient Egypt, China and India and can be used to alleviate the dis-ease of your body including physical ailments and mental/emotional conditions.   

The underlying  principle of Colour Therapy is that every cell and organ in the body vibrates at a particular frequency, as do colours.  Colour is made up of light of varying wavelengths, thus each colour has its own particular wavelength and energy.  During the treatment your Therapist will expose colour to different parts of your body to bring about physical and emotional changes.  The therapeutic energy of the colours can be absorbed through the body, by sight and visualisation and through the mind.  The energetic properties of each colour will enable a shift in your energy and restore balance and health.   

How does the treatment work?

Your Therapist may use a number of different methods in your treatment including: 

  • The use of different coloured crystals 
  • Techniques in colour breathing, meditation and affirmations 
  • Recommendations in terms of colour to be used in your life; diet, dress and décor 

* You will be fully clothed throughout the treatment.   

Benefits of Colour Therapy: 

  • Provides a catalyst for the body’s natural healing process 
  • Enables you to restore calm and balance to your life
  • Faciliates you in finding your true authentic and honest self
  • Assists self-recovery  
  • Clears emotional blockages before they cause physical dis-ease in the body 
  • Balances energy and restores vitality 
  • Promotes the reduction of stress and anxiety 
  • Helps you to understand the need for certain colours in your life 
  • Prevention of physical, emotional and mental illness and dis-ease 

What do others have to say about Colour Therapy?

This treatment has played a huge role in me finding myself and finding the light again. Jo is so understanding, and so connected to my mind & feelings (I suppose that’s her job!).  At the darkest moments of my life, Jo was able to calm my mind, steady my focus and helped me gradually to find a way to change how I was thinking and feeling. The colours and sensations along my journey have been wonderful, difficult and educational. It was like the Northern Lights on speed the first appointment I had. So many colours & the designs were ever changing during our session. Made me dizzy. But gradually each session, the lights and colours slowed to a snail pace, and didn’t seem so confusing.  The ability to learn how my mind works, what I need to let go, what I should focus on and then to refocus my energy to maintain this calm and selfish peace is just amazing! I love it. My mind has never been so calm, and it’s great to be able to embrace my mind and me and switch off from everyone else, but it’s not a regular thing, I need my tune ups every month. And each tune up I still find new ways of seeing me and my life. The best decision I made was my first appointment with Jo! 
— Natalie Corbin, Luton