New Treatment for Haelan Therapy - Dynamic Life Realignment

So today is the day that Dynamic Life Realignment is officially born as my brand new treatment here at Haelan Therapy! I am super excited as I have been taking my time recently fine tuning and developing how I deliver this powerful tool of self-discovery to you all.  I am ecstatic to announce that it is now fully available to book so you can start your journey with me at Haelan.

So what is Dynamic Life Realignment?

Dynamic Life Realignment uses the ancient Tarot doorway as a powerful tool to unlock your intuition and show you who you truly are and what you are creating for yourself in every moment through your daily choices and mind-set. By showing you a picture of your life as it unfolds, it draws into awareness a deeper understanding into why for example you might be experiencing certain patterns of relationships or cycles of challenges in your life and why certain people and situations come in and out your life at particular times. This powerful insight delivers you the self-awareness to see the bigger picture revealing a fresh new perspective on your life. Our next step together is to then realign your life choices to match your deepest goals and desires which then can assist you to become more streamlined in your approach to fulfil them. If you are ready to step up and take back the power and driving force of your life, then this is the perfect dynamic path for you.

Key Benefits:

  • A dynamic realignment of your life and purpose
  • Instant transformation within yourself and your life through increased self-awareness
  • Self-empowerment
  • A visual picture of your life
  • Cause and effect of your daily decisions
  • Deeper understanding of your self, life and purpose
  • Uncovering hidden pieces of your life puzzle
  • Accelerated growth and dynamic route to your greatest goals and desires
  • Preparation for upcoming events and a deeper understanding to the reasons and purpose behind it
  • Powerful insight and clarity to show the bigger picture beyond the current situation
  • Healing and balance


"Having Dynamic Life Realignment with Indiana on a regular basis, has helped me feel more positive, lighter and energised. It has given me the clarity to see the challenges that I face, which have often made me feel exhausted, heavy and overwhelmed. I have been able to incorporate the awareness that I have gained in the sessions into my everyday life. The combination of the visual impact of the cards and the insightful reflections with Indiana have enabled me to look at my life as if I am the ‘observer’ which gives me a clearer perspective and objectivity. It has helped me gain a clearer vision of the choices I have made or need to make and helps me to neutralise the emotional charge around these decisions so I can act more intentionally rather than reactionary.  Dynamic Life Realignment continually helps me to remain present in my life and to know that my choices open up new paths and constantly evolve, therefore nothing is set in stone and I have been able to reclaim my own power to craft the life I desire."  Nikki (Hitchin)

"Dynamic Life Realignment with Indiana is a supremely powerful experience.  Not only does it reveal hidden layers of understanding beneath 'perceived' events occurring in your life, enabling you to make clear choices about your way forwards, it also delivers dynamic movement for powerful change where your life shifts immediately!"  Skarlet Lu Realta (Stotfold)

I look forward to seeing you soon and introducing you to Dynamic Life Realignment and paving your new path in life.  If would you like an informal chat with me about the benefits of this treatment and how I can help you before booking please contact me HERE.

Indiana xx


National Bed Month

We spend nearly 230,000 hours, nearly a third of our lifetime doing it, and on average need 8 hours a day.  Catching zzz’s, hitting the sack, getting some shut eye, call it a night, are just some of the phrases used to refer to that daily activity we all do called sleep.

Personally, I don't and never have had any problems getting a good night’s sleep, however, for many it's not the same story and finding that peaceful space to rest and rejuvenate is just a faraway dream

To coincide with daylight saving, March is national bed month, raising awareness about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

National Bed Month

Sleep allows our body to replenish energy stores and repair itself on physical, emotional and mental levels.  When we get regular, unbroken sleep, our body can function from an optimum level, boosting our immune system, improving memory and mental wellbeing, it can help us keep slim due to keeping the hunger hormone ghrelin in balance and can even help increase fertility.  

However, when we are sleep deprived, it is quite a different story.   An occasional night without sleep can leave us feeling tired and grumpy, but consistent lack of sleep affects us on a deeper level and apart from the foggy brain making it difficult to make decisions and concentrate, which in turn puts us at a higher risk of having an accident, sleep deprivation can lead to depression and anxiety, puts us at risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes and ultimately can shorten life expectancy.  

In today’s busy society setting yourself and your sleeping environment up to help promote sleep is key, so here are some helpful tips.

- Sleep in a cold room at approximately 18 degrees Celsius

- Ensure you have good curtains to block out all light

- Leave mobile phones out of the bedroom, not only do they emit radiation which can increase the amount of time it takes to reach a deep state of sleep, buzzing and flashing from incoming messages and alerts will prevent you from shutting off

- Avoid late night screen time.  IPads and computers emit blue light which delays production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

- Get up at the same time every day so your body can establish a natural pattern.

- Reading for 15minutes before going to sleep will help calm the mental chatter of the mind and switch off from the day

Once you have established what helps you sleep consistently, develop a ritual that means an hour before bedtime you are already on the right path to a good nights’ sleep.

If you would like to further support in achieving a good nights’ sleep, then at Haelan Therapy we have an array of magical touch therapies that can help rebalance your physical, mental and emotional systems putting you back on track to reaching those 8 hours of dreamy bliss.

Start your journey with Haelan here. 

By Jo Osborn

Walking is man's best medicine

Belinda Norrington:  jewellery designer-maker, wanderer and avid noticer of beauty in the ordinary

Belinda Norrington:  jewellery designer-maker, wanderer and avid noticer of beauty in the ordinary

Hello! I'm Belinda Norrington, jewellery designer-maker, wanderer and avid noticer of beauty in the ordinary. I like running in wild places, but I like walking and hiking in them even more. There are lots of things about being in open, green spaces that I think provide nourishment and wellness to mind, body and soul and I have been very kindly asked to share a few of them here, with you.

We live life at quite a lick in 2017 don't we? There is a *lot* that competes for our time, our attention and our energy - and rushing has become horribly endemic in our culture. This is one reason that I think getting outside, if possible in parks or countryside, is a brilliant and necessary antidote to the speed and stresses of 21st century living.

Walking fast, (like you were late for a meeting), is a truly awesome form of exercise - it costs nothing, it is utterly straightforward and natural, it is equipment free and possible at every level of fitness. Unlike more vigorous forms of exercise, walking or hiking can be done for hours at a time should the inclination strike, and all the cardiovascular benefits apply for walking as they do for other types of exercise. For our physical health it is a crucial balance to all the sitting we do, all the compression of our spine and the stiffening of our muscles. Unlike sport, it is not rule bound and competitive, there is a flexibility and freedom in it.

I am also interested in how walking is beneficial to the mind and soul, and also for creativity. When I head out to my local nature reserve, or along the fields and over the hills, my body and breathing fall into a natural rhythm. A C Grayling, the philosopher, has said, "To walk the country lanes and hills is to fall into step with the rest of nature; that is the pace of the cattle and the crops, the breeze, the shifting clouds ... walking, therefore, is good for one's sense of proportion. That, in turn, is good for one's mental health." Certainly, the mind seems to release its hurried, harried ways, and I agree with Henry Thoreau who once wrote in his journal, "Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."

When walking, the mind seems to do two really useful things - it can either rest a bit in the moment, noticing the environment with its sights and sounds and smells (which is really a form of active mindfulness), or it has time to ponder, undistracted, upon issues that matter to us at the time. On most walks I do a bit of one and a bit of the other, often flowing naturally between the two.
Importantly, the brain is allowed to exhale a bit from the dreaded multi-tasking, to think of nothing at all bar the visual stimuli of sky and land, or gently explore things that have been bothering/interesting us. I certainly feel like this is the time my brain can breathe along with my lungs! Indeed, walking at one's own pace creates an "unadulterated feedback loop between the rhythm of our bodies and our mental state...when we stroll, the pace of our feet naturally vacillate with our moods and the cadence of our inner speech." (F. Jabr, New York Times).

The beauty of leaving home or office is that this is truly time that we press the pause button on all our normal activity and duties - we intentionally set aside this time away from the busyness of the world, and for that time life really cannot make most of its usual demands of us. We are physically free of normal constraints and responsibilities, indeed for that period of time we are 'lost to the world' in our walking. We step off the carousel of our busy lives and into our interior life whilst inhabiting those physical, green spaces. This is ridiculously valuable I have found. There is power in not being at the mercy and whim of the pc, telephone and doorbell, there is a reclamation of who we are without all those activities? For this reason, I do try really hard to turn off my phone, perhaps checking a couple of times for missed calls mainly because I have kids at school (you may have other reasons), but the walking is so much more powerful if the scrolling, checking and social media interacting is put aside.

A camera or a sketchbook has the positive effect however, of making me look a bit closer at the landscape, hunt with a slightly keener eye for beauty along the way, and that is no bad thing! For me this is where walking becomes critical to my creativity. Nature, and the small fragments of botanical material that I find whilst walking has become the catalyst for my jewellery designs, and the pleasure I experience when I find something breathtakingly beautiful in, say, the simple curl of a leaf or texture of an acorn husk, gives me the creative energy I need to create new collections of work. The noticing, the photographing, sketching, pondering and making have become my way of celebrating beauty in the ordinary and it has changed my outlook and perspective on life. Beauty is everywhere if you really look, and finding it produces wonder which for me also generates gratefulness and energy. Walking seems to invigorate the mind and creative thinking along with the body, and there are extensive studies that back this up, (Oppezzo and Schwartz, Stanford University).

Daily walking was a brilliant combination with a course of transformational coaching I did with Rebecca Kelly at Haelan Therapy. It provided a demarcated slot of time each day either to mentally peruse the things we had talked about in the sessions, or, equally usefully, some time to clear my mind and simply practice being in the moment and just be. I felt exercised, calm and energised with greater clarity on the topics that had been going around in my mind. The sessions and the walking have together nudged me into clearer and more positive and accurate ways of seeing myself and the work I do.

If you aren't much into walking, why don't you give it a go - half an hour a day for a week or two - my hunch is you will gain more from the small investment of time than you could have imagined?! Happy walking!

Belinda xx


Raynauds Awareness Month

Raynaud’s phenomenon is thought to affect up to 10 million people in the UK.

It is a painful condition whereby the blood vessels in the extremities spasm in response to cold weather. It results in the reduction of blood flow, usually to fingers and toes, and presents in colour changes to the affected areas. Initially the digits turn white, where blood flow is restricted, then blue, often accompanied by numbness and tingling, and finally red as the blood flow returns. As well as fingers and toes, it can affect other extremities such as ears, nose, nipples and lips.

The cause of the condition is still unknown but the attacks are often triggered by a change in temperature, emotional stimuli and stress.

Keep Warm

It is important, particularly in these cold months, to keep well wrapped up. Gloves, hat, thick socks as well as loose fitting layers are a must to remain as warm as possible.


Because stress can trigger an attack, regular exercise and relaxation techniques, such as massage, reduce tension in the body, thereby improving circulation.

Eat Well

Ginger, pepper and chilli improve circulation as well as having warming effects. Swap English breakfast for ginger tea and add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to eggs, salads and vegetables for a circulation boost.

By Sarah Tomlin

Random Acts of Kindness Day 17th February 2017

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, which if being frank should be EVERYDAY! So just what is this day in recognition of exactly? What are the feelings and words evoked when we consider what random acts of kindness are?

Acts of kindness can come in many forms. They can be grander gestures which are generally deliberate and planned, however often the most generous and beautiful gifts we exchange with one another can be created in the most simplest exquisite moments. These are random opportunities presented where we can act in a purely selfless way such as giving someone a heartfelt hug, helping a parent who is struggling with a pushchair down a flight of stairs, listening wholeheartedly to someone in such a way that makes them feel important or even paying a compliment to a stranger which could literally make their entire day!

Whether that act of kindness is perceived as big or small, the beauty of sharing this gift has a catalytic compounded effect that can ripple outwards in an ever increasing circle of radiance. We never truly know the effect we are having on others by donating a precious moment or a piece of ourselves, however we do know that every act creates an impact and will always make a difference. Starting with how it feels within us by doing so. How amazing does it feel when we display kindness, thoughtfulness, tenderness, love and gratitude towards another? Imagine for a moment what that would feel like if we could intentionally do this everyday in some way or form...

We Challenge You!

It is well known that by doing something daily for at least 28 days it creates a habit. In a world full of unhealthy habits, let's create a healthy worthwhile one that can happily reside in our everyday lives always. We are very passionate about sharing the love here at Haelan Therapy and we are inviting you right now to get involved in our 28 Daily Acts of Random Kindness challenge! If we all intentionally and consciously show kindness to others daily for 28 days we will have created a new habit yay! Even better we can all share our experiences on Facebook with each other. Share your experiences on our Facebook page and at the end of the 28 days we will choose a name among those who have shared and then ask them to nominate a person of their choosing (such as a friend or family member) and they will receive 'A Touch Of Everything' treatment from me Karenanne Hay! This is my act of kindness to you.

It's time to get involved and emanate your kindness today in your own special way!  #spreadthecheer #randomactsofkindness #healthyhabits

By Karenanne Hay